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USFL Season 2 Expansion Talks, Advantages Over XFL, What Can XFL Offer To Compete With USFL in 2023?

James Larsen of USFL Newsroom and XFL Newsroom makes a long-anticipated return to the program to chat through USFL expansion heading into 2022. Does the USFL have the advantage over the XFL right now in terms of attracting the casual football fanbase, and what, if anything can the XFL do to help regain some momentum. The USFL is bound to make changes in their offseason headed into their 2023 “second” season, what would James like to see the USFL do to best capitalize on their momentum thus far? We discuss.

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The Markcast® is a sports-centric podcast hosted by Reid Johnson, covering news and opinions related to the CFL, XFL, USFL and other "alt-football" leagues outside the NFL.

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