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2022 USFL Draft Results

The inaugural 35-round USFL draft was a two-day event taking place in Birmingham, Alabama. This event will take place February 22nd & 23rd 2022.

“A team may elect to pass during any round in exchange for a compensatory pick that may be used at the conclusion of a different position round. If more than one team utilizes a compensatory pick in a given round, the draft order within that position round will determine the order for compensatory selections.”

NOTE: Comp is noted where a compensatory pick too place.

11Shea PattersonQBMichigan Panthers
12Jordan Ta'AmuQBTampa Bay Bandits
13Bryan ScottQBPhiladelphia Stars
14Ben HolmesQBNew Jersey Generals
15Clayton ThorsonQBHouston Gamblers
16Alex McGoughQBBirmingham Stallions
17Kyle LaulettaQBPittsburgh Maulers
18Kyle SolterQBNew Orleans Breakers
29Davin BellamyDENew Orleans Breakers
210Carlo KempDEPittsburgh Maulers
211Aaron AdeoyeDEBirmingham Stallions
212Chris OdomDEHouston Gamblers
213Bryson YoungDENew Jersey Generals
214Freedom AkinmoladumDEPhiladelphia Stars
215Mekhi BrownDETampa Bay Bandits
216Adewale AdeoyeDEMichigan Panthers
317Cavon WalkerOTMichigan Panthers
318Michael ScottOTTampa Bay Bandits
319Gus CumeberlandOTPhiladelphia Stars
320Kolin HillOTNew Jersey Generals
321Ahmad GoodinOTHouston Gamblers
322Chauncy HaneyOTBirmingham Stallions
323Nasir PlayerOTPittsburgh Maulers
324Anree Saint-AmourOTNew Orleans Breakers
425James FolstonDENew Orleans Breakers
426Eric AssouaDEPittsburgh Maulers
427Seth ThomasDEBirmingham Stallions
428Drequan BrownDEHouston Gamblers
429Malik HamnerDENew Jersey Generals
430Carroll PhillipsDEPhiladelphia Stars
431Adam ShulerDETampa Bay Bandits
432Chase DeMoorDEMichigan Panthers
4CompJonathan NewsomeOTBirmingham Stallions
4CompNigel ChavisOTNew Orleans Breakers
533Chidi OkekeOTPittsburgh Maulers
534Darius HarperOTBirmingham Stallions
535Brandon HinterOTHouston Gamblers
536Paul AdamsOTNew Orleans Breakers
537Keith WilliamsOTMichigan Panthers
538Garrett McGhinOTNew Jersey Generals
539Blake Alan CamperOTPhiladelphia Stars
540Tyler CatalinaOTTampa Bay Bandits
641Corbin KaufusiOTTampa Bay Bandits
642Michael Rodriguez IIIOTPhiladelphia Stars
643Calvin AshleyOTNew Jersey Generals
644Teton SaltesOTMichigan Panthers
645Donnell GreeneOTNew Orleans Breakers
646Avery GennesyOTHouston Gamblers
647O'Shea DugasOTBirmingham Stallions
648Isaiah BattleOTPittsburgh Maulers
749Charles BaldwinOTPittsburgh Maulers
750Justice PowersOTBirmingham Stallions
751John YarbroughOTHouston Gamblers
752Marquis LucasOTNew Orleans Breakers
753Joshua DunlapOTMichigan Panthers
754Terry PooleOTNew Jersey Generals
755Jacob Paul BurtonOTPhiladelphia Stars
756Juwann Bushnell-BeattyOTTampa Bay Bandits
7CompMatthew SnowOTBirmingham Stallions
7CompJoshua TaylorOTMichigan Panthers
857Delrick Abrams JrCBTampa Bay Bandits
858Channing StriblingCBPhiladelphia Stars
859De'Vante BausbyCBNew Jersey Generals
860Tino EllisCBMichigan Panthers
861Adonis AlexanderCBNew Orleans Breakers
862Jamar SummersCBHouston Gamblers
863Brian AllenCBBirmingham Stallions
864Ajene HarrisCBPittsburgh Maulers
965Terrell BondsCBPittsburgh Maulers
966Tae HayesCBBirmingham Stallions
967Will LikelyCBHouston Gamblers
968Derrick JonesCBNew Orleans Breakers
969Jameson HoustonCBMichigan Panthers
970Trae ElstonCBNew Jersey Generals
971Marcus LewisCBPhiladelphia Stars
972Davante DavisCBTampa Bay Bandits
1073Christian CampbellCBTampa Bay Bandits
1074Mazzi WilkinsCBPhiladelphia Stars
1075David RiversCBNew Jersey Generals
1076Dominique MartinCBMichigan Panthers
1077Manny PattersonCBNew Orleans Breakers
1078Howard WilsonCBHouston Gamblers
1079Bryan MillsCBBirmingham Stallions
1080Prince RobinsonCBPittsburgh Maulers
1181Jaylon McClain-SappCBPittsburgh Maulers
1182Lorenzo BurnsCBBirmingham Stallions
1183Jerry CantaveCBHouston Gamblers
1184Ja'len EmbryCBNew Orleans Breakers
1185Jalin BurrellCBMichigan Panthers
1186Dejuan NealCBNew Jersey Generals
1187Bradley SylveCBPhiladelphia Stars
1188Rashard Causey JrCBTampa Bay Bandits
11CompIke BrownCBNew Orleans Breakers
1289Zach SmithQBNew Orleans Breakers
1290Josh LoveQBPittsburgh Maulers
1291J'mar Davis-SmithQBBirmingham Stallions
1292Kenji BaharQBHouston Gamblers
1293De'Andre JohnsonQBNew Jersey Generals
1294Case CookusQBPhiladelphia Stars
1295Brady WhiteQBTampa Bay Bandits
1296Paxton LynchQBMichigan Panthers
1397Victor Bolden JrWRBirmingham Stallions
1398Isaiah ZuberWRHouston Gamblers
1399Shawn PoindexterWRNew Orleans Breakers
13100Jeffrey ThomasWRPittsburgh Maulers
13101Eli Lamar RogersWRTampa Bay Bandits
13102Quincy AdeboyejoWRMichigan Panthers
13103Kavontae TurpinWRNew Jersey Generals
13104Devin GrayWRPhiladelphia Stars
14105Jordan SuellWRPhiladelphia Stars
14106J'mon MooreWRNew Jersey Generals
14107Lance LenoirWRMichigan Panthers
14108Derrick WilliesWRTampa Bay Bandits
14109Bailey GaitherWRPittsburgh Maulers
14110Johnnie DixonWRNew Orleans Breakers
14111Jojo WardWRHouston Gamblers
14112Joseph Emmanel HallWRBirmingham Stallions
15113Osirus MitchellWRBirmingham Stallions
15114Anthony Ratliff-WilliamsWRHouston Gamblers
15115Jonathan AdamsWRNew Orleans Breakers
15116Braden MackWRPittsburgh Maulers
15117Derrick DillonWRTampa Bay Bandits
15118Jeff BadetWRMichigan Panthers
15119Darrius SheppherdWRNew Jersey Generals
15120Brennan EaglesWRPhiladelphia Stars
16121Diondre OvertonWRPhiladelphia Stars
16122Christopher Platt JrWRNew Jersey Generals
16123Ray BoldenWRMichigan Panthers
16124Jordan LasleyWRTampa Bay Bandits
16125Delvon HardawayWRPittsburgh Maulers
16126Taywan TaylorWRNew Orleans Breakers
16127Tyler SummersWRHouston Gamblers
16128Peyton RamzyWRBirmingham Stallions
17129Manasseh BaileyWRBirmingham Stallions
17130*Pass On PickWRHouston Gamblers
17131Chad WilliamsWRNew Orleans Breakers
17132Tre WalkerWRPittsburgh Maulers
17133John Franklin IIIWRTampa Bay Bandits
17134*Pass On PickWRMichigan Panthers
17135Randy SatterfieldWRNew Jersey Generals
17136Maurice AlexanderWRPhiladelphia Stars
17CompVinnie PapaleWRTampa Bay Bandits
18137Jack TochoSPhiladelphia Stars
18138Shalom LuaniSNew Jersey Generals
18139Orion StewartSMichigan Panthers
18140Obi Henry MelifonwuSTampa Bay Bandits
18141Arnold Tarpley IIISPittsburgh Maulers
18142Dartez JacobsSNew Orleans Breakers
18143Andrew SorohSHouston Gamblers
18144Christian McFarlandSBirmingham Stallions
19145Tyree RobinsonSBirmingham Stallions
19146Manny BunchSHouston Gamblers
19147*Pass On PickSNew Orleans Breakers
19148Bryce TornedenSPittsburgh Maulers
19149Anthony CioffiSTampa Bay Bandits
19150Kieron WilliamsSMichigan Panthers
19151Dravon Askew-HenrySNew Jersey Generals
19152Cody BrownSPhiladelphia Stars
19CompLaDarius WileySPhiladelphia Stars
20153Jake LacinaCNew Jersey Generals
20154Sean Richard PollardCMichigan Panthers
20155Bruno ReaganCTampa Bay Bandits
20156Sean BrownCPhiladelphia Stars
20157Jordan McCrayCBirmingham Stallions
20158Nicholas FalahCPittsburgh Maulers
20159Jared ThomasCNew Orleans Breakers
20160Nick BuchananCHouston Gamblers
20CompBrayden PattonCPittsburgh Maulers
21161Beniquez BrownILBHouston Gamblers
21162Jerod FernandezILBNew Orleans Breakers
21163EJ EjiyaILBPittsburgh Maulers
21164Scooby WrightILBBirmingham Stallions
21165Josh BanderasILBPhiladelphia Stars
21166Christian SamILBTampa Bay Bandits
21167Justin HughesILBMichigan Panthers
21168Chris OrrILBNew Jersey Generals
21CompReggie NorthrupILBHouston Gamblers
21CompJason FerrisILBBirmingham Stallions
21CompTaiwan JonesILBMichigan Panthers
22169Steven RowzeeGNew Orleans Breakers
22170Vadal AlexanderGPittsburgh Maulers
22171Cameron HuntGBirmingham Stallions
22172Tyler HigbyGHouston Gamblers
22173Mike BrownGNew Jersey Generals
22174Jackson BrownGPhiladelphia Stars
22175Freed LauinaGTampa Bay Bandits
22176Marquel HarrellGMichigan Panthers
23177Daishawn DixonGMichigan Panthers
23178Damien MamaGTampa Bay Bandits
23179Paul NosworthyGPhiladelphia Stars
23180Evan HeimGNew Jersey Generals
23181Terronne PrescodGHouston Gamblers
23182*Pass On PickGBirmingham Stallions
23183Jon DietzenGPittsburgh Maulers
23184Liam DobsonGNew Orleans Breakers
23CompJalen AllenGNew Orleans Breakers
23CompBrayden PattonCPittsburgh Maulers
24185TJ CarterDT/NTMichigan Panthers
24186Daylon MackDT/NTTampa Bay Bandits
24187Mike BarnettDT/NTPhiladelphia Stars
24188Destiny VaeaoDT/NTNew Jersey Generals
24189Cory ThomasDT/NTHouston Gamblers
24190Willie YarbaryDT/NTBirmingham Stallions
24191Olive SagapoluDT/NTPittsburgh Maulers
24192Shakir SotoDT/NTNew Orleans Breakers
25193Kamilo TongamoaDT/NTNew Orleans Breakers
25194Boogie RobertsDT/NTPittsburgh Maulers
25195Haston AdamsDT/NTBirmingham Stallions
25196Tomasi LaulileDT/NTHouston Gamblers
25197Toby JohnsonDT/NTNew Jersey Generals
25198Chris NelsonDT/NTPhiladelphia Stars
25199Reggie HowardDT/NTTampa Bay Bandits
25200Jaquan BaileyDT/NTMichigan Panthers
26201Kyshonn TysonDT/NTMichigan Panthers
26202John AtkinsDT/NTTampa Bay Bandits
26203Jerome JohnsonDT/NTPhiladelphia Stars
26204Kalani VakameilaloDT/NTNew Jersey Generals
26205Dominique DavisDT/NTHouston Gamblers
26206*Pass On PickDT/NTBirmingham Stallions
26207Jeremiah Pharms Jr.DT/NTPittsburgh Maulers
26208Connor ChristianDT/NTNew Orleans Breakers
27209BJ EmmonsRB/FBTampa Bay Bandits
27210Darnell HollansRB/FBPhiladelphia Stars
27211Mike WeberRB/FBNew Jersey Generals
27212Steve Scott IIIRB/FBMichigan Panthers
27213Larry Rose IIIRB/FBNew Orleans Breakers
27214Dalyn DawkinsRB/FBHouston Gamblers
27215Tony Brooks-JamesRB/FBBirmingham Stallions
27216Garret GroshekRB/FBPittsburgh Maulers
28217De'veon SmithRB/FBPittsburgh Maulers
28218CJ MarableRB/FBBirmingham Stallions
28219Mark ThompsonRB/FBHouston Gamblers
28220Jordan EllisRB/FBNew Orleans Breakers
28221Regginald CorbinRB/FBMichigan Panthers
28222Trey WilliamsRB/FBNew Jersey Generals
28223Matt Colburn IIRB/FBPhiladelphia Stars
28224Juwan WashingtonRB/FBTampa Bay Bandits
29225Tyson GrahamOLBPittsburgh Maulers
29226Demarquis GatesOLBBirmingham Stallions
29227Azeem VictorOLBHouston Gamblers
29228Diondre WallaceOLBNew Orleans Breakers
29229Terry MyrickOLBMichigan Panthers
29230D'Juan HinesOLBNew Jersey Generals
29231Jordan MooreOLBPhiladelphia Stars
29232Emmanuel BealOLBTampa Bay Bandits
30233Greg ReavesOLBTampa Bay Bandits
30234Te-Von ConeyOLBPhiladelphia Stars
30235Tim Walton Jr.OLBNew Jersey Generals
30236Frank GindaOLBMichigan Panthers
30237Vontae DiggsOLBNew Orleans Breakers
30238Donald PayneOLBHouston Gamblers
30239Terrill HanksOLBBirmingham Stallions
30240Malcom HowardOLBPittsburgh Maulers
31241Kyahva TezinoOLBPittsburgh Maulers
31242Brody BuckOLBBirmingham Stallions
31243Drew LewisOLBHouston Gamblers
31244*Pass On PickOLBNew Orleans Breakers
31245Tre ThreatOLBMichigan Panthers
31246Angelo GarbuttOLBNew Jersey Generals
31247Solomon WiseOLBPhiladelphia Stars
31248*Pass On PickOLBTampa Bay Bandits
31CompBlair BrownOLBPittsburgh Maulers
32249Matt MengalKPhiladelphia Stars
32250Nick RoseKNew Jersey Generals
32251*Pass On PickKMichigan Panthers
32252Brandon WrightKTampa Bay Bandits
32253*Pass On PickKPittsburgh Maulers
32254Austin MacGinnisKNew Orleans Breakers
32255Nick VogelKHouston Gamblers
32256Brandon AubreyKBirmingham Stallions
33257Colby WadmanPBirmingham Stallions
33258Andrew GalitzPHouston Gamblers
33259*Pass On PickPNew Orleans Breakers
33260*Pass On PickPPittsburgh Maulers
33261*Pass On PickPTampa Bay Bandits
33262Michael CarrizosaPMichigan Panthers
33263*Pass On PickPNew Jersey Generals
33264*Pass On PickPPhiladelphia Stars
34265Brandon BarnesTE/HBHouston Gamblers
34266Sal CannellaTE/HBNew Orleans Breakers
34267Matt SeybertTE/HBPittsburgh Maulers
34268Cary AngelineTE/HBBirmingham Stallions
34269Bug HowardTE/HBPhiladelphia Stars
34270Cheyenne O'GradyTE/HBTampa Bay Bandits
34271Joseph MagnificoTE/HBMichigan Panthers
34272Braedon BowmanTE/HBNew Jersey Generals
34CompJulian AllenTE/HBHouston Gamblers
34CompLa'Michael PettwayTE/HBMichigan Panthers
34CompDe'Quan HamptonTE/HBTampa Bay Bandits
34CompNicholas TruesdellTE/HBNew Jersey Generals
35273Scott FlanickLSNew Jersey Generals
35274*Pass On PickLSMichigan Panthers
35275Ryan DisalvoLSTampa Bay Bandits
35276Ryan NavarroLSPhiladelphia Stars
35277*Pass On PickLSBirmingham Stallions
35278Mitchell FraboniLSPittsburgh Maulers
35279*Pass On PickLSNew Orleans Breakers
35280*Pass On PickLSHouston Gamblers
S1281Justin JohnsonTENew Orleans Breakers
S1282Ethan WestbrookDTPittsburgh Maulers
S1283Ryan Williams-PopeOTBirmingham Stallions
S1284Josh AveryDTHouston Gamblers
S1285Tyshun RenderDENew Jersey Generals
S1286Gunnar VogelOTPhiladelphia Stars
S1287Jarron JonesOTTampa Bay Bandits
S1288Warren SabaDBMichigan Panthers
S2289Maea TeuhemaOGMichigan Panthers
S2290Quenton MeeksDBTampa Bay Bandits
S2291Adam RodriguezEDGE/FBPhiladelphia Stars
S2292Christian TuttCB/RETNew Jersey Generals
S2293Kristjan SokoliOG/OC/DEHouston Gamblers
S2294Jojo TillerySBirmingham Stallions
S2295Keith Gibson JrCB/ATHPittsburgh Maulers
S2296Keith Washington IICBNew Orleans Breakers
S3297Matthew Burrell JrOC/OG/NTTampa Bay Bandits
S3298Lene MaiavaOTPhiladelphia Stars
S3299Mike BellSS/LBNew Jersey Generals
S3300Marcus BaughTEMichigan Panthers
S3301TJ Logan JrRBNew Orleans Breakers
S3302Malik HarrisDEHouston Gamblers
S3303Dondrea TillmanDEBirmingham Stallions
S3304Dale WarrenOLBPittsburgh Maulers
S4305Winston DimelFBPittsburgh Maulers
S4306Nathan HolleySS/OLBBirmingham Stallions
S4307Micah AbernathyCBHouston Gamblers
S4308Shareef MillerDENew Orleans Breakers
S4309Sean WilliamsFS/OLBMichigan Panthers
S4310Paris FordSNew Jersey Generals
S4311Amani DennisCBPhiladelphia Stars
S4312Keith MumphreyWRTampa Bay Bandits
S5313Artayvious LynnTEPhiladelphia Stars
S5314Brock MillerPNew Jersey Generals
S5315Cameron ScarlettRBMichigan Panthers
S5316Tyler RausaKTampa Bay Bandits
S5317Malcolm ElmoreS/CBPittsburgh Maulers
S5318Aashari CrosswellSNew Orleans Breakers
S5319Devwah WhaleyRBHouston Gamblers
S5320Jordan ChunnRBBirmingham Stallions
S6321Sage SurrattTEBirmingham Stallions
S6322Tucker AddingtonLSHouston Gamblers
S6323EJ BibbsTE/FBNew Orleans Breakers
S6324Abdul BeechamOG/OCPittsburgh Maulers
S6325Stephen GriffinS/CBTampa Bay Bandits
S6326Connor DavisTEMichigan Panthers
S6327Darrius VictorRBNew Jersey Generals
S6328Chris RowlandWRPhiladelphia Stars
S7329Erick BrowneOGHouston Gamblers
S7330Turner BernardLSNew Orleans Breakers
S7331Ramiz AhmedKPittsburgh Maulers
S7332Marlon WilliamsWRBirmingham Stallions
S7333Gabriel Sewell JrILBPhiladelphia Stars
S7334Rannell HallCBTampa Bay Bandits
S7335Joseph PutuCBMichigan Panthers
S7336Robert MyersOG/OTNew Jersey Generals
S8337Jacob WilliamsTENew Jersey Generals
S8338Devin RossWR/RETMichigan Panthers
S8339Travis FeeneyOLBTampa Bay Bandits
S8340Ahmad DixonS/CBPhiladelphia Stars
S8341Josh ShawCB/SBirmingham Stallions
S8342Hunter ThedfordTEPittsburgh Maulers
S8343Jarey ElderSNew Orleans Breakers
S8344Teo ReddingWRHouston Gamblers
S9345Marquez TuckerOGBirmingham Stallions
S9346Tyler PalkaWR/QBHouston Gamblers
S9347Tejan KoromaOC/OGMichigan Panthers
S9348Brandon HaskinOT/OG/OCNew Jersey Generals
S9349Matt WhitePT/KNew Orleans Breakers
S9350Jahair JonesOGPhiladelphia Stars
S9351Matt DuffyPPittsburgh Maulers
S9352Austrian RobinsonDE/DTTampa Bay Bandits
S10353Antonio ReedSS/OLBTampa Bay Bandits
S10354Darrius MoragneDT/DE/OTPittsburgh Maulers
S10355Paul TerryRB/WR/STPhiladelphia Stars
S10356Toree BoydOC/OG/OTNew Orleans Breakers
S10357Alonzo MooreWRNew Jersey Generals
S10358Shane GriffinLSMichigan Panthers
S10359Stanley GreenCBHouston Gamblers
S10360Bobby HollyFB/RB/TEBirmingham Stallions

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