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USFL Tryouts: How To Play In The USFL, Your Guide to USFL Tryouts

UPDATE: Find out try outs for the new UFL – United Football League

The United States Football League (USFL) has always been a breeding ground for immense talent, providing numerous opportunities for players to make their mark. As the football landscape continues to evolve, GRID Camps, a fresh initiative led by Tom Goodhines, the former Senior Vice President of Football Operations at HUB Football, has taken up the mantle. GRID Camps have emerged as the stepping stone for players aspiring to try out for the USFL.

The Evolution: HUB Football to GRID Camps

As HUB Football has closed down, GRID Camps have stepped in to carry forward the legacy. GRID Camps are recommended by key figures from HUB Football, such as Don Yee, who mentioned in a statement, “If you want to further your professional football career, I encourage you to consider utilizing GRID Camps. You’ll find the same quality we achieved at HUB.”

How to Play in the USFL

The pathway to the USFL now goes through GRID Camps. Participating in these camps can significantly enhance your chances of being noticed by USFL player personnel.

For the latest events and USFL tryouts, check the official GRID Camps website here.

Inside the GRID Camps

GRID Camps are a series of one-day events, designed to mimic the format of NFL OTA-style workouts. The camps were created specifically for collegiate athletes and street free agents to highlight their individual skill sets.

These camps aren’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ experience. They are tailored events that highlight the unique skill sets of each individual, led by current and former professional and FBS college coaches. The players selected for these camps are chosen carefully to ensure that only the best talent is showcased.

Apart from the on-field work, GRID Camps offer a platform for athletes to have their athletic measurables “verified” by professional scouts and coaches. This includes data such as height, weight, arm, hand and wingspan measurements, along with standard tests like 40s, Short Shuttle (ProAgility), 3-Cone (L Drill), Broad Jump, and Vertical.

These camps serve as an intersection where aspiring players meet professional organizations. By attending a GRID Camp, you get the opportunity to not only improve as a player but also to expose your talents to professional leagues and teams.

What It Takes to Attend GRID Camps

Access to GRID Camps is by invitation only, which means that every applicant is pre-screened by a scouting team to ensure that they possess professional-quality talent. The environment is non-contact and non-padded to prioritize the athlete’s health for immediate opportunities.

To apply for a spot at the GRID Camps, you need to complete an application and pay a $500 registration fee once your application is accepted. This fee gives you a platform to show your skills in front of professional scouts and coaches.

In conclusion, GRID Camps offers an unmatched opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills and get noticed by USFL personnel. If you dream of playing in the USFL, attending a GRID Camp could be your first step towards realizing that dream.

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