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69 Cohl Cabral

Arizona State
Draft Year
304 lbs
Current Team
August 12, 2023

Birmingham Stallions Cohl Cabral

Cohl Cabral, a talented football player from Arizona State, is making a name for himself in the USFL. Standing at 6’5″ and weighing 294 pounds, Cabral brings a formidable presence to the offensive line. With his excellent technique and agility, he is a reliable center, adept at snapping the ball and creating opportunities for his team. Cabral’s experience playing in the PAC-12 conference has prepared him well for the challenges of professional football, and he continues to showcase his skills in the USFL with his exceptional blocking ability and strong football IQ. As a consistent performer, Cabral is a valuable asset to any team in the USFL.

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  • Offseason in Review: Birmingham Stallions Offensive Line
    by Patrick Rifino on January 29, 2023 at 9:52 pm

    Stallions come into 2023 looking to combat several losses throughout the Offensive Line. In addition to losing their Offensive Line Coach Jonathan Himebauch, the Stallions begin 2023 without Cameron Hunt (All-USFL), Jordan McCray, and Ryan Pope to the XFL, the Stallions have done their best to combat these losses by signing four free agents for The post Offseason in Review: Birmingham Stallions Offensive Line first appeared on USFL News Hub.

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