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USFL 2023 Regular Season-Ending Power Rankings

The 2023 USFL Regular Season is over. 40 USFL games have been completed. Three games remain as four teams move on to the postseason.

It was a unique USFL season that saw only two teams finish with records over 500.

The defending USFL Champion Birmingham Stallions (8-2) and the 7-3 New Orleans Breakers. Those two division rivals will meet up in the South Final this coming Sunday looking to secure a spot in the league’s championship game.

The entire North division finished their campaigns with losing records. Two of them, the matching 4-6 Pittsburgh Maulers and Michigan Panthers, are heading to a Northern Championship game on Saturday.

Once the postseason starts, regular-season records go right out the window. But for now, let’s stack the USFL’s best teams from top to bottom one last time before the race to a championship commences.

USFL 2023 Regular Season Power Rankings

1. Birmingham Stallions 8-2, #1 Seed In The South

The Stallions are head and shoulders above every team in the USFL. They finished the season with five straight victories. Birmingham didn’t need to win in Week 10 against Memphis because they were guaranteed to play at home anyway, even if they didn’t clinch the top Southern seed.

But for added measure, the Stallions finished in style by killing any chance of Memphis getting into the postseason. Birmingham got the first and last laugh on the Showboats after humiliating them 42-2 earlier in the season.

Skip Holtz’s squad is the odds-on favorite to repeat as champions. The Stallions have the best head coach and quarterback in the league—a proven recipe for ultimate success.

2. New Orleans Breakers 7-3, #2 Seed In The South

The Breakers are sailing into the postseason on a high thanks to a three-game winning streak. After starting the season off red hot, New Orleans experienced some turbulence in the middle of its campaign but weathered through it.

The Breakers will be underdogs against Birmingham on Sunday. But if McLeod Bethel-Thompson and New Orleans defense can play at a high level. They can win the whole thing.

3. Houston Gamblers 5-5, Third Place Finish In The South

Houston was a much-improved bunch in 2023. They were very competitive right down to the very end. But inconsistent quarterback play and some questionable weekly coaching decisions did them in. Curtis Johnson’s team played hard but wasn’t good enough to get over the hump.

4. Memphis Showboats 5-5, Last Place In The South

The Showboats might’ve made the postseason if not for an 0-3 start. However, Todd Haley’s group saw their postseason hopes wash away in Week 9 when mother nature and the Breakers trounced them.

There were some positive moments throughout the season for Memphis. Rookie QB Cole Kelley should be a better player next season with a year under his belt.

5. Pittsburgh Maulers 4-6, #1 Seed In The North

At 2-6, Ray Horton’s Maulers took care of business, winning their last two against the Panthers and Generals to get into the playoffs. They will host the North Championship game at their hub site in Canton.

All season long, Pittsburgh had the league’s top defense and special teams. It was good enough to get them a championship opportunity this season.

And now that they are in the playoffs, regardless of record, they will be dangerous if QB Troy Williams can continue to play mistake-free football. The Maulers have a chance. They need to go 2-0 again in elimination games.

What a difference a year makes. Even though they finished the regular season with a losing record, Pittsburgh was a much more respectable outfit in 2023 than in 2022.

6. Michigan Panthers 4-6, #2 Seed In The North

No matter what happens from here, it’s all house money for Mike Nolan’s Michigan squad. The Panthers are in a nothing to lose, everything to gain situation.

Thanks to their special teams, the Panthers finally won a game at home and found a way to rally from behind in week ten and knock the Stars out of the postseason.

The Panthers have a new QB at the helm; week ten starter E.J. Perry had his ups and downs in his USFL debut. But ultimately, he made enough plays in the second half to help his team win. Nothing about the season thus far has been pretty. But as the ancient saying goes, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. You just take advantage of it.

7. Philadelphia Stars 4-6, Third Place In The North

The Stars and the team below them in these rankings are the biggest disappointments in the USFL from last season.

Despite all their flaws, Philadelphia was in striking distance of getting back into the postseason three weeks ago. They stood toe to toe with Birmingham and pushed them to the limit. But two awful losses to the Generals and Sunday night’s meltdown against Michigan sealed the Stars’ fate.

Ultimately, Philly relied too much on their star quarterback to save the day. But they weren’t a complete football team. The Stars’ special teams and offensive line are ultimately why their championship dreams faded away.

8. New Jersey Generals 3-7, Last In The North

If it’s any consolation for Generals fans, their Week 9 triumph over Philly helped effectively knock their rivals out of the postseason. A year after, the Stars vanquished New Jersey from the postseason.

Mike Riley’s troops struggled all season long to recapture the magic they had in 2022. For a brief moment in week 9, it looked like the Generals would change the trajectory of a lousy season filled with poor play and coaching in crucial situations.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Like the Stars, the Generals had an awful offseason where they struggled to replace key players from 2022. New Jersey ended up suffering the consequences. Even though they finished only one game out of the mix at 3-7. The Generals didn’t deserve to be in playoff contention.

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  1. Ken Geanito

    June 19, 2023 at 11:22 am

    I agree. I believe noone in the North deserved to be in playoff contention and yes I agree that based on the art of work, they deserve the 8 spot. As quarterback is one of the spots that need to be graded. For all that De’andre Johnson did to help the team he is likely the weakest link upon all USFL starters. Even the the announcers noted how the Generals were not built to come back. The reason for that is the passing game. Think about how many people who follow the league were fooled into thinking he was an established passer because his numbers were so good, because Riley put Johnson in a place to succeed. To Johnson’s credit he took advantage of every situation. It is funny though without everything working he could not raise the team even though he tried his best. Everyone who wanted Johnson and chastised Riley should think about that and Riley recognized this straight away. He showed that when he saw Lauletta drive the Generals down the field moving the chains time and again during his first week. He NEEDED for Lauletta to duplicate this feat, but he could not. He showed this again when he signed Eric Barriere. This gave them 4 quarterbacks. Why would you need to have 4 quarterbacks? He was signed to see what he has so he can build around him for next year as he felt Johnson was not ready to be the quarterback he needed, unless he was used for packages. Maybe now Johnson realizes his role, but he is still not ready to pass a team to victory in a tough game, but I still feel he checks most boxes, except at this time, one if the most important for a good quarterback. I honestly feel Riley deserves great credit from masking his shortcomings to so many. He had a chance to make the Generals competitive for the stretch run, but when the choice came for an unproven commodity such as Dakota Prukop or De’andre Johnson, the press would not allow for anyone else but De’andre Johnson. If you think this didn’t factor in you are mistaken and uou can tell that by all the steps along the way. As i expressed many times report what you see and not what you want to see. This is not really directed at you, Mike, hut just good advice. Next year Mike Riley will be anle to start anew. Judge him on that. I have mire respect for what Mike brings to the table than most USFL coaches. I still feel that if he were the coach of the Jets, Zach Wilson’s shortcomings would have been masked as well, which may have just given him time to develop, which is what he hoped for De’andre Johnson

  2. 4th&long

    June 19, 2023 at 4:38 pm


    Not a bad list. I think the Stars losing Coleman in the Mich game may have cost them that win. Too many injuries, and a so-so at best OL

    NJ was my biggest disappointment, I think Riley lost some fire in his gut and should have been pushing more, plus some odd coaching decisison.

    Overall though the play was more leveled through out the league and that lead to quite a few surprises.

    All the new coaches deserve credit for improving their teams too. Big Plus there.

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