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USFL Cards 2023: Unpack the Excitement with Upper Deck’s New Collection!

The American football scene is buzzing with the arrival of the 2023 USFL Box Set by Upper Deck. The trading cards that unite fans across the nation are officially available for purchase, allowing collectors to add the autographs and #’d cards of the league’s top 25 players to their collections.

Each box set delivers a complete 25-card base set made up of the league’s finest talent. What makes it even more exciting is the addition of a five-card Retrospective Season Highlights subset, and five parallel cards that diversify your collection.

The parallel lineup comprises Gold, Blue (#’d to 499), Red (#’d to 199), and Blue Autograph sets. The average box set will contain either one #’d card or one autograph card, giving fans a thrilling chance at securing some exclusive memorabilia.

The content, including card #’ing and ratios, is subject to change without further notice, so fans are advised to keep up with the latest updates. Here’s a sneak peek into the product breakdown:

  • Base Set (1-25) – 25:1
  • Base Set – Retrospective Season Highlights (26-30) – 5:1
  • Base Set – Gold Parallel – 3:1
  • Base Set – Blue Parallel – #’d 1 of 499, 2 of 499, etc.
  • Base Set – Red Parallel – #’d 1 of 199, 2 of 199, etc.
  • Base Set – Blue Autograph Parallel – 1:5

The lineup is star-studded, with players such as Bo Scarbrough of the Birmingham Stallions, Reggie Corbin of the Michigan Panthers, and Johnnie Dixon of the New Orleans Breakers making up the base set.

Other special cards include the Retrospective Season Highlights cards of KaVontae Turpin of the New Jersey Generals, Case Cookus of the Philadelphia Stars, and Joe Walker of the Michigan Panthers. These cards encapsulate the memorable moments of the season, making them a must-have for any enthusiast.

The Gold, Blue, and Red Parallel sets add another layer of excitement to the box. With these cards, fans have the chance to own a slice of their favorite players in a special edition format.

The 2023 USFL box set is a treasure trove for all American football fans. Whether you’re a long-time collector or new to the hobby, this collection is a gateway to the thrilling world of the USFL. It’s time to get your hands on these cards and start expanding your collection today!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ken Granito

    August 4, 2023 at 12:52 pm

    I got mine in the mail. Really nice set. I am still waiting on the Preview cards, but at least one set has been submitted for delivery. The box sets displayed in this article seem like a good way to go, whereas the Preview set seemed a poorer value. PS. My new hope for the upcoming season. Benny Snell Jr, if healthy, on the Maulers. I love Garrett Groshek and he had a great season. I know you can’t tell looking at his numbers, but he got every yard that was there to get. I think the line started to run-block better when the line committed to it. I think Maulers fans will enjoy rooting for someone they rooted for as a Steeler. This is all based on health, of course.

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