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USFL QB Rankings Regular Season Finale: Perry Finds Away, McLeod and McGough Lead the Pack

The 2023 USFL regular season is over. After seeing memorable comebacks, record breaking Quarterback Play, and playoff controversy, the USFL has completed their 5th season throughout its two iterations. While at times the USFL has seen its fair share of subpar Quarterback Top-Tier players like McLeod Bethel-Thompson and Alex McGough came out in week 10, with some Quarterbacks like E.J. Perry putting together an inspiring and gutsy effort to will his team to the playoffs.

Honorable Mention:

Kevin Thomson gets a nod in our honorable mention spot this week. Coming in to throw his second pass of the year, Thomson was used as the Stars personal protector on Stars fake punt having his pass broken up on a great play by USFL News Hub All-USFL Safety Kai Nacua. Thomson finishes the season going 1/2 for 11 yards in his first season in the USFL.

9. Montell Cozart Houston Gamblers Previous Ranking #6

Stats: 0/2 0 Passing Yards 0 TD 1 INT 0 Rushing Attempts 0 Rushing Yards

Cozart had a limited sample size however left a big impact on the Gamblers game this week. Unfortunately for Houston it was in favor of the New Orleans Breakers. Cozart threw a nasty interception in the redzone to Vontae Diggs which led to points for the Breakers. The Gamblers who have had issues scoring in the redzone this past weekend ultimately were unable to answer as the team lost 17-10 and were eliminated from the playoffs.

8. DeAndre Johnson New Jersey Generals Previous Ranking #3

Stats: 12/27 137 Passing Yards 0 TD 2 INT 12 Rushing Attempts 68 Rushing Yards 1 Fumble

After a dazzling Week 9 performance, Johnson showed major regression in week 10, with his inability to pass the ball. The Generals, who as a team saw a lot of ups and downs at Quarterback, were unable to harness a bit of magic in week 10, giving them a fighting a shot for the playoffs. While Johnson has definitely been the Generals most effective Quarterback in 2023, his recent performance plagued by drops and some questionable decision making may lead to some open conversation about additional competition for Mike Riley’s team in 2024.

7. E.J. Perry Michigan Panthers Previous Ranking Unranked

Stats: 12/23 121 Passing Yards 0 TD 0 INT 10 Rushing Attempts 48 Rushing Yards 1 TD 3 Fumbles

What a performance by E.J. Perry who 3 weeks ago, at some point may have been questioning his career in football. Perry put together an ugly performance at times however, with the help of some good luck, his athletic ability and Marcus Simms, Perry and the Panthers (a great name for a band by the way), upset the Stars enroute to the their first playoff berth in the modern USFL era.

6. Kenji Bahar Houston Gamblers Previous Ranking #7

Stats: 21/30 231 Passing Yards 0 TD 0 INT 3 Rushing Attempts 12 Rushing Yards 1 Fumble

I was pretty high on Bahar coming into this week, thinking he’d be able to shoulder the load with Mark Thompson in an “early playoff” game. While Bahar managed to push the ball down field a bit more than usual, ultimately the offense continued to lean on the short passing game, coupled with a heavy dose of Mark Thompson. Unfortunately, that combination was not enough as the Gamblers lost by a touchdown missing the playoffs for the 2nd season in a row.

5. Cole Kelley Memphis Showboats Previous Rankings #8

Stats: 20/30 154 Passing Yards 1 TD 1 INT 6 Rushing Attempts 9 Rushing Yards

While Kelley showed a bit of improvement in Week 10, ultimately his effort ran out of steam against the stampede of the Stallions. Kelley’s game didn’t wow any one as once again had some issues with accuracy throughout the entire game which has been his Achillies heel throughout the 2023 USFL season. While Kelley was a much-needed spark for the Showboats in 2023 leading them to Five straight victories, the former SE Louisiana QB, may need a bit more of seasoning in 2024 before making a jump to the NFL.

4. Troy Williams Pittsburgh Maulers Previous Ranking #5

Stats: 17/25 154 Passing Yards 1 TD 0 INT 6 Rushing Attempts 40 Rushing Yards

A clean game for Williams aided by another great performance by the Maulers defense propelled Williams and the Maulers to a playoff berth after their week 10 victory against the Generals. Williams has been a game changer as we’ve mentioned for weeks, with his dynamic rushing ability, coupled with his leadership and demeaner once being named the team’s starting QB. While Williams is still incredibly raw as a passer he’s proven to be Pittsburgh’s most effective Quarterback in 2023, and overall in the Modern USFL era.

3. Case Cookus Philadelphia Stars Previous Ranking #2

Stats: 24/44 247 Passing Yards 2 TDs 0 INTs 7 Rushing Attempts 48 Rushing Yards

Cookus did his best to will his team to a victory and another playoff berth this week however, fate did not align for the Stars in week 10. Dealing with pressure in face the majority of the game, Cookus put together a valiant effort once again dealing with injuries to not only himself but also loosing the USFL’s leading receiver Corey Coleman. Plagued by a lack of a rushing game, Cookus once again led the Stars in rushing and overall finishes the year as Philadelphia’s Most Valuable Player.

2. McLeod Bethel-Thompson New Orleans Breakers Previous Ranking #4

Stats: 23/31 227 Passing Yards 2 TDs 0 INT 1 Rushing Attempt -1 Rushing Yards 2 Fumbles

With the season on the line, MBT showed out and gave the Breakers a great effort in which the team had no running game. Despite two fumbles (none lost), MBT manufactured two great scoring drives and did a great job getting the ball to playmakers like Johnnie Dixon and Sage Surratt. Overall, the CFL great finishes the year as the USFL passing leader with 2,433 yards through the air.

1.Alex McGough Birmingham Stallions Previous Ranking #1

Stats: 22/33 282 Passing Yards 2 TD 1 INT 7 Rushing Attempts 32 Rushing Yards

It seems that it’s become a weekly tradition here at USFL News Hub, that McGough is the top dog of the USFL QB’s throughout the 2023 season. McGough finished out the season strong once again totaling over 300 yards through the air and on the ground in addition to throwing for two more touchdowns, giving the Stallions a nice victory over the Showboats in Week 10. McGough ends the season with a combined 25 Touchdowns in addition to rushing for over 400 yards which is good enough for 6th in the USFL all while earning another player of the week award.

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Pat Rifino is a former Security Contractor turned writer. He began his writing career talking about geo-politics, and the defense industry. Now Pat writes about alt-league football, while hanging out with his dogs in his off time.

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