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4 NFL Footballers and Their Luxury Sports Cars

We have long been accustomed to the fact that famous athletes earn huge amounts of money per year. Some of them buy luxury houses and luxury yachts, some spend money on charity. The NFL is a huge football league that brings in billions of dollars a year. This means that the best NFL players earn huge amounts of money. But where to spend money if you already have everything? Of course, on cars. Today we will tell you about several famous NFL players and their luxury cars.

Our list will feature luxury sports and luxury cars. And if you think that you will never be able to ride them, then you are mistaken. The UAE has become an unofficial country of luxury, and Dubai is the capital of luxury cars. It is here that there are numerous rental companies that have in their fleet such cars as Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley and Ferrari. The main thing in all this is that you can rent almost any car at absolutely low prices. So, when searching for lamborghini for rent in dubai, you will see that you can rent such a car for only 600-700 dollars per day. Or you can choose to rent a car of the same model as your favorite NFL player. Renting will allow you to experience such luxury cars at a low price and you can choose a new car every day.

Joe Hayden

This Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has made headlines more than once for his professionalism. Unfortunately, a huge number of injuries affected his qualities as a player, but during his main career he was able to earn a large fortune and, of course, a large fleet of vehicles. His collection includes a Range Rover SV, Rolls-Royce Wraith and Rolls-Royce Ghost. But of course the main star of his collection is the Lamborghini Aventador.

This luxurious car is familiar to many; its aggressive body and no less aggressive engine cannot leave anyone indifferent. The price of this car starts from 350 thousand dollars. Fortunately, this car is a very popular car rental in Dubai. And you can rent it from $1000 per day.

Odell Beckham

This is a brilliant NFL player, a receiver for the New-York Giants, famous not only for his excellent game and bright hairstyle, but also for his love of a luxurious life. He has several expensive cars in his fleet, but the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe stands out among them. This car is an excellent representative of luxury and expensive cars that are rented in Dubai. You won’t find a version like Odell’s, because he spent a decent amount of money on customizing his car.

Chris Johnson

Probably one of the fastest players in the NFL, who has repeatedly scored excellent yards and touchdowns. In addition to his speed on the field, Chris also loves speed on the roads. That’s why he restores and sells sports and exotic cars. His favorite is the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, which he repainted white. Most often he is noticed driving this car. You can also find Maybach and Bentley in his collection. By the way, these are excellent business cars that you can rent and go about your business in comfort.

Jamaal Charles

Undoubtedly a great star in the entire NFL. Many people watch his play with bated breath, marveling at his speed, skill and large size. It’s strange that a person with such a body composition chooses for himself such cars as Ferrari and lamborghini. Although his collection of cars is small, the total cost of the car exceeds a million dollars.

The most prominent representative is Lamborghini Gallardo. The most recognizable car among car enthusiasts. Gollardo often appears in computer games, films and TV series. It is not surprising that this model is one of the most popular for rent in Dubai. The convertible version with a convertible roof makes this style icon unique and chic.


Many of the NFL players boast excellent fleets of vehicles and stand out with special and unique vehicles. They deservedly earn their money by training hard and giving 100 percent on the field. We just have to enjoy their game and rent a car to feel like rich players for a little while.

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