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Fantasy Showdown: Chiefs vs. 49ers – Your Ultimate Guide for Super Bowl 2024 DFS

As we approach the pinnacle of the NFL season, Super Bowl LVIII not only brings the excitement of the sport’s biggest game but also the challenge and thrill of crafting the perfect Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) lineup.

With the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers set to clash at the dazzling Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, fantasy enthusiasts are tuning in to make strategic picks that could thrive on the grandest of stages.

Boasting prodigious talents like Patrick Mahomes, who is no stranger to Super Bowl pressure, and the 49ers’ arsenal of playmakers, including Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, and George Kittle, the choices are as tough as they are intriguing.

Our guide dissects the key elements that will help you make informed decisions for your Super Bowl 2024 DFS showdown.

Expert Insight: Mike McClure’s Top NFL DFS Picks for Super Bowl LVIII

When weighing the NFL daily fantasy odds for Super Bowl LVIII, historical matchups can yield valuable insights. The 2020 Super Bowl faceoff between the Chiefs and the 49ers unveiled key performances, like Mahomes’ commanding 286 passing yards, two touchdowns, and a rushing score. Analyzing these outcomes could give DFS players an edge when selecting their lineup. Considering the Chiefs’ players’ experience in clutch moments might prove beneficial, as their familiarity with high-pressure situations like the Super Bowl cannot be understated.

Renowned DFS expert Mike McClure, with an impressive record of more than $2 million in career winnings, has meticulously applied his prediction model that simulates every NFL snap to Super Bowl LVIII. His approach factors in diverse variables such as player matchups, statistical trends, and recent injuries to pinpoint top DFS values—a strategy that has consistently led to remarkable successes.

Since his victories in FanDuel high-stakes tournaments in 2020, McClure has maintained his winning streak into the current season, taking down showdowns and reaping substantial ROI, exemplified by a 36x return on a Monday Night Football event. Notably, adherents of his expert advice have achieved significant milestones, with a subscriber recently bagging $100,000 thanks to McClure’s NFL DFS player pool.

The anticipation builds as McClure finalizes his expert DFS picks for the 2024 Super Bowl. Access to his top selections, which are locked in for the big game, is exclusive to SportsLine members—an advantage for serious DFS competitors aiming to capitalize on the NFL daily fantasy odds.

McClure’s Prime NFL DFS Choices for Super Bowl LVIII

Travis Kelce: Tight End, Kansas City Chiefs

With a track record of reliability and standout performances in high-stakes games, Travis Kelce remains a prime pick for Super Bowl 2024 DFS lineups. Coming off an impressive showing in the AFC Championship, where he secured 11 receptions for 116 yards and a touchdown, Kelce proves time and again to be Patrick Mahomes’ favorite target.

His consistent postseason presence, marked by scoring at least one touchdown in 11 of his last 13 playoff games and achieving substantial yardage, underscores his potential for high fantasy points. DFS players should consider his dominant history in Super Bowl matchups, including last year’s 81-yard and one-touchdown performance, to indicate his capacity for game-changing plays.

Christian McCaffrey: Running Back, San Francisco 49ers

On the opposite end, Christian McCaffrey’s prowess as a dual-threat running back makes him an essential asset for Super Bowl DFS. McCaffrey’s impressive total of 132 yards and two touchdowns in the NFC Championship Game showcases his scoring capability. His status as the NFL leader in total touchdowns (21) throughout the regular season and the powerful engine behind the 49ers’ offense makes him nearly indispensable.

With a significant share of touches, evident from him playing over 90% of San Francisco’s offensive snaps in the postseason, McCaffrey remains a workhorse destined for a large workload with the potential to rack up DFS points on the sport’s biggest stage.


In summary, setting your NFL DFS lineup for Super Bowl LVIII requires a combination of expert analysis, understanding of player form, and strategical predictions. Whether favoring the powerhouse offense of the Chiefs or the dynamic and versatile 49ers, your game plan should adapt to the latest data and trends.

Emphasis should be placed on players like Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey, who have proven their value in pivotal moments, but also on the unheralded players ready to impact fantasy scores significantly. Incorporating tips from DFS authorities like Mike McClure can further bolster your chances of triumph.

Remember, in DFS, a mix of statistics, intuition, and a slice of luck could lead to substantial rewards. As the teams prepare to take the field, ensure your lineup is poised to capture the essence of Super Bowl 2024’s potential for surprising outcomes and exhilarating performances. Good luck, and may your DFS decisions be as thrilling and successful as the game!

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