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Tom Brady Sets New NFL Record He Won’t Want to Celebrate

When it comes to NFL achievements, there is nothing of note that seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady hasn’t managed to accomplish, but the latest record that the 45-year-old has set is perhaps one he isn’t all that proud of.

Brady looked set to end his glittering NFL career at the end of last season when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star opted to retire. However, the veteran then changed his mind a few weeks later and is now back in action, but things are not going all that way for the quarterback both on and off the field of play.

If you want to check out what the odds are on Brady securing an eighth Super Bowl title, then you can do so at, where you’ll see that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, thanks to their mediocre start, are now down in eighth place in the rankings at (+2500).

Now, as for setting records, the latest one that Brady has managed sees the former New England Patriots player become the most sacked player in NFL history. The previous record of 554 sacks, held by former Steelers star Ben Roethlisberger, has been passed by Brady during Tampa Bay’s recent 27-22 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens.

Clearly, the main reason he’s set this record is the fact that Brady is now into his 23rd season in the game, and he was happy to make light of his new record, commenting;

“I’d like to actually thank my complete lack of agility and speed for allowing me to knock on the door of this very esteemed NFL record,”

“So, I have some other cool ones. This one I’m probably not as excited about. Like we always say, “oh, you know, some things get better with age.” I think the feeling you get when you’re sacked is not one of those.”

The loss to the Ravens was Tampa Bay’s third in a row, and Todd Bowles’ team is now 3-5 and needs to turn things around as soon as possible.

Losing three times in a row is fairly new to Brady; the last time he experienced the feat was way back in 2002, and he’s keen to put an end to the run;

“I don’t think you can erase what happened the last eight weeks,”

“We’ve gotta dig deep, see what we’re all about, come to work, try to improve, and give ourselves a better chance to win.”

The defeat to the Ravens came even though Brady’s side led 10-3 at half-time. However, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson then took things over, threw two touchdowns, and rushed almost 50 yards to give Baltimore a 5-3 record.

Off the field, Brady has announced his divorce from his wife, Gisele Bundchen, and that was something that appeared on the cards for some weeks, and perhaps in some ways, the decision made by the couple might ease pressure on the pair as they seek to complete an amicable split both for themselves and their children.

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