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USFL Rule Innovations: Redefining the Game of American Pro Football

The United States Football League (USFL), which officially opened its doors for business in 2022, seeks to reinvent the idea of pro football. Among its many plans, the company was making moves that it hoped would catch its big brother organization, the NFL. Although the National Football League was silent at the time, there’s a chance that 2023 will see a change in its stance, especially with the success of the USFL’s previous season.

Although the salaries the league’s players earned in 2022 were expectedly lower than the NFL’s, the rule innovations it has brought may change this incentive. Most competitors earned between $45,000 and $75,000, compared to the NFL’s minimum of $800,000 for the 2022 season. This article will explore all the USFL’s rule changes and how they could influence pro football.

New Rules for The USFL

As the league begins its second season, it reintroduces the new rules that debuted in 2022. This new entertainment becomes the first nationally broadcasted pro league in 40+ years and will be available in several states, including Pennsylvania. Fans in other regions get to watch the show too.

It remains to be seen which gambling companies will offer odds soon. PA fans currently have access to top betting sites with high-quality features that provide fast withdrawals. Among these operators, the role BetMGM sportsbook PA plays in offering generous bonuses means bettors get to wager on the sport soon. Besides, since Pennsylvania legalized gambling, more residents will get a chance to follow the USFL games passionately.

The moves could bring other sports betting sites to the table too. Here are some of the rules that were available in 2022. We also focus on the new sets fans will see in the 2023 season. Each innovation is in the hopes of taking pro football to new heights.

Ball Spotting Tech

This new idea came out in 2022 and was highly successful. Once an official spots the ball, eight different cameras measure the position. The referee asks Bolt6, a partner, to decide if there are controversial debates. This company said the software has a precision accuracy of up to millimeters and uses ranging and light detection technology.

Moreover, the program was available to all the different broadcasting stations. It animated the entire field for the viewing audience to remove bias. It’s similar to the Hawk-Eye live feature used for tennis matches, which tries to correlate a judge’s decision. Besides, most of Bolt6’s staff worked for Hawk-Eye too.

All Cameras in First Person Angles

Another feature that distinguishes the USFL from other football leagues and even the NFL is camera positioning. One player was chosen to wear one. This also extended to some match officials and coaches. The senior vice president of field and technical operations at Fox, Michael Davies, said it was to provide an “inside-out view” for the spectators. What is more, during the season, the USFL used glowing balls, which were only visible to TV viewers when they crossed the goal line. Other options included introducing a vertical laser placed at each goalpost.

Pushback for Kickoffs

A new innovation the USFL is introducing for its 2023 season is setting kickoffs five yards back. This means members who start will stand behind the 20-yard line and remain in one position until after kicking the ball. Also, teams on the receiving end will have at least eight or nine players standing in the set-up zone, not more than 30-40 yards. The idea is to offer a safer kickoff, increasing the potential for big plays.


All balls that move out of bounds into the end zone will not be touchbacks anymore. Rather, it returns to the fumble spot, and the team originally in possession gets it back before the omission. Such a rule aims to remove one major flaw in pro football. It encourages fairness between the opposing sides.

A USFL Command Center and Instant Replay Features

A new command center will become available in Los Angeles to make all major replay decisions. Officials will constantly communicate with the field referee, offering assistance with the timing and enforcement of fouls. Furthermore, the center can review all plays without any coach’s interference. It also has the mandate to consider potential and real-time scores. However, the new rule allows coaches to challenge replay decisions to maintain fairness.

Final Words

As it stands, there are more rules that the USFL will make in the 2023 season. Such moves as the command center, changes to fumbles, etc., aim to encourage game fairness. Furthermore, it’s also reintroducing the past season’s innovations that will offer better decision-making rules to benefit the audience. It only remains to be seen how the NFL will react to these changes and maybe offer a partnership in the long run to promote pro football. In addition, it grants top sportsbooks the opportunity to incorporate the USFL into sports disciplines for their customers to bet on.

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