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Are The Philadelphia Stars Afraid to Lose QB Bryan Scott

It’s been 7 weeks since @BryanScottQb was injured. Yet the @USFLStars continue to carry him on the roster. There can be only one reason for this. They’re afraid to lose Scott.

Are the Stars Protecting Bryan Scott?

It’s been 7 weeks since Bryan Scott suffered his injury and during that stretch at times it got dicey. For a several game stretch Maurice Alexander their primary return man was their backup QB. KJ Costello was later signed to add depth. The question remains why did Philadelphia carry an injured Scott if they knew he wouldn’t be able to play?

Scott Scorches Defenses

Through the first three weeks of the season the Stars looked to have one of, if not the best quarterback in the league. Even having missed seven weeks of play Scott sits 11th in passing yards, and tied for 8th in touchdowns. He is STILL 3rd in the league with passing yards per game with 186.

The fact is, Bryan Scott is too good to risk losing. The Stars are gambling that Scott will get right and return to the USFL field in 2023. Scott is the closing thing the USFL has to home grown talent having played in The Spring  League for several seasons winning every game along the way.

Andrus and Scott Powerful Pairing

Bart Andrus and Bryan Scott were supposed to be the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of the USFL. We saw glimpses of greatness from both quarterbacks this season in Philadelphia but it was Scott who had Stars fans wanting more from their first round pick following his injury.

With Case Cookus playing admirably at times we nearly forgot the Stars had Scott. That was until you glanced at the injury report each week as Scott was listed on the out list. This was a crazy gamble by the Stars with such small rosters, even after the increase.

It’s clear to me the Stars are all in on Bryan Scott being their franchise quarterback long term. The thing is who were they worried would swoop in and sign Scott? That question is easily answered. It’s the league that recently partnered with a world famous mouse. Mickey Mouse that is. The XFL likely would have jumped at the chance to snag the USFL’s poster child quarterback.

Best of the Rest?

There is a prevailing notion that these leagues will be fighting for talent. There is no position that is more true than quarterback. Signing Scott was no small win for the USFL, even if it was a foregone conclusion he would end up there. Scott is arguably one of the better Spring Football Quarterbacks, rivaled only by Luis Perez in terms of efficiency with the ball.

Losing Scott would have been a huge blow to the league and specifically this power pairing the USFL had with Andrus and Scott. It’s not often you can pair a coach and quarterback together in two different leagues, let alone a coach and quarterback with the kind of history Andrus and Scott have together. Heading into the 2023 season the Stars have work to do, but one position they feel awfully secure about as it stands is quarterback. Scott, Cookus, and Costello is a solid depth chart to carry into a hopefully expanded training camp next year.  

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  1. Ralph

    June 22, 2022 at 10:37 pm

    I say the Philadelphia Stars are afraid – in a bunch of ways….. starting with this one…….

  2. Brandon

    June 25, 2022 at 8:14 pm

    Bryan Scott was straight dealin’ before he got injured. Hope to see him return next year.

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