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Birmingham Stallions Rout Pittsburgh Maulers 28-12, Are Back-To-Back USFL Champions

In a game that was thoroughly dominated by the Birmingham Stallions, the Pittsburgh Maulers were routed with a 28-12 defeat. Alex McGough‘s excellent play from the quarterback position was a key factor in the Stallions’ win, with the QB throwing for 243 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Birmingham Stallions’ Performance

Alex McGough was the standout performer for the Stallions, showing excellent touch and precision in his passing game. Completing 18 of his 25 passes, he ended the day with an impressive 72% completion rate. His vision and execution were also on display as he passed for 243 yards, averaging 9.7 yards per throw. His excellent form was highlighted by his 4 touchdown passes, and he also contributed significantly to the ground game, rushing for 64 yards.

Deon Cain, the Stallions’ wide receiver, was the main beneficiary of McGough’s exceptional play, receiving for 70 yards and scoring 3 touchdowns. Jace Sternberger and Davion Davis also had significant receiving yards, with 65 and 55 yards respectively.

Deon Cain was named the games MVP.

The Stallions’ defense was also in fine form, with Jojo Tillery leading the way with 10 tackles. They managed to keep the Maulers at bay, allowing only 12 points throughout the game.

Pittsburgh Maulers’ Performance

For the Maulers, quarterback Troy Williams had a tough game. He completed 24 of his 37 attempts, amassing 143 yards in the process. However, his efforts didn’t result in any touchdowns, and he also lost a fumble, which didn’t help the Maulers’ cause.

The team’s rushing attack, led by Williams and Garrett Groshek, managed 98 yards as a team but couldn’t find the end zone. The receiving corps, led by Isiah Hennie with 55 yards, also struggled to break through the Stallions’ defense.

The Maulers’ defense had some noteworthy performances, particularly from Kyahva Tezino who led the team with 13 tackles. However, their efforts couldn’t slow down the Stallions’ offense.

The lone bright spot for the Maulers was kicker Chris Blewitt going 4 for 5 in field goals and scoring all the teams points. His longest was from 55 yards.

Key Takeaways

The game was essentially decided by the superior play of the Stallions’ QB Alex McGough. His efficient passing and scoring ability were too much for the Maulers to handle.

The Maulers will need to find ways to be more effective on offense in 2024. Their passing and rushing games were unable to consistently move the chains, and they’ll need to find the end zone more frequently if they want to win games in the future.

On the defensive side of things, the Maulers put up a decent fight, but were ultimately unable to keep the Stallions’ offense in check. They’ll need to tighten up their pass defense to avoid giving up so many touchdowns in the future.

Overall, this was an impressive victory for the Birmingham Stallions and a disappointing defeat for the Pittsburgh Maulers.

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1 Comment

  1. Ken Granito

    July 2, 2023 at 10:49 pm

    Congratulations, Stallions! What a season!

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