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From USFL to NFL Stardom: Jerry Jones Finds His Kicker in Brandon Aubrey

In the ever-changing landscape of the NFL, few stories are as exciting as a rookie making a grand statement in their early appearances. This rings true for Dallas Cowboys’ new shining star, kicker Brandon Aubrey, who’s quickly evolving from a USFL standout to an NFL asset. With the backing of none other than team owner Jerry Jones, the former Birmingham Stallions player is showing he has what it takes to be a significant player in the big league.

Early Days and USFL Stardom

Aubrey’s journey to the NFL was unconventional, with stops in both the MLS and USFL. The former soccer player kicked off his football career with a strong showing in the USFL, following a stint with the Birmingham Stallions where he demonstrated remarkable skill in kicking, with a stellar record of 14 for 15 on field goals and flawless point-after attempts.

His talent caught the eyes of the Cowboys’ management, and it wasn’t long before he was signed for a promising term, replacing veteran Brett Maher. This bold move by the Cowboys comes with a solid plan, as Aubrey’s contract outlines a rewarding $2.69 million over three years, including a handsome base salary of $750,000 for the current season.

Making Waves in the NFL

Since stepping onto the NFL stage, Aubrey has risen to the occasion, displaying a level of proficiency that speaks to his commitment and skill. Despite a shaky start with a missed extra point in his debut against the Giants, Aubrey has proven his mettle, showcasing an excellent performance against the New York Jets.

A perfect game day saw him nail 5 field goals, including an impressive 55-yarder, alongside securing his single extra point attempt — a feat that contributed substantially to the Cowboys’ dominant 30-10 victory against the Jets.

Jones and Coaches Express Confidence

Jerry Jones couldn’t contain his enthusiasm over the young kicker’s performance, noting Aubrey’s massive progress since the season’s onset. In an expressive quote shared by Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jones highlighted his satisfaction and high hopes for the young talent, stating, “I think we’ve got us a kicker.”

Meanwhile, coach Mike McCarthy jokingly expressed the need for improvement in the play-calling department, a subtle nod to Aubrey’s potential in facilitating more touchdowns with his precise kicking.

Support from the NFL Community

Brandon Aubrey’s rise hasn’t just caught the eye of his team’s executives. The USFL community is taking notice, including former Tampa Bay Bandits kicker Ty Rausa, who highlighted Aubrey’s success as a testament to the importance of spring football and the pool of talent within spring league specialists.

Within the span of just a few games, Brandon Aubrey has transformed from a rookie with potential to a player demonstrating consistency and skill on the field, vital to the Cowboys’ current winning streak. With the unwavering support of Jerry Jones and a rapidly growing fan base, Aubrey is setting a trajectory towards a remarkable NFL career, carrying forward the legacy of USFL champions in the grand NFL stage.

As we continue to watch this young star rise, it’s clear that Aubrey is not just a player to watch, but a testament to the rich vein of talent flowing from the USFL to the NFL, underscoring a bright future for both the player and the Dallas Cowboys.

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