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Philadelphia Stars

Philadelphia Stars Roster Update for Week 6

Philadelphia Stars sign DL Ralph Holley- Western Michigan

Stars Roster Update week 6

Free Agent Signing:

Ralph Holley DT Western Michigan Image Courtesy NFLDraftBuzzcom

The Philadelphia Stars have added DT Ralph Holley to their roster. Holley was a member of the University of Western Michigan Football program from 2017-2021. As a 5th year senior Holley played in 13 games racking up 39 total tackles, 26 solo 13 assisted. What’s impressive is the 16.5 tackles for loss, 6 sacks, 2 pass deflections and 1 forced fumble.

Having respectable size at 6’1″ 285 lbs, the man can create havoc in the backfield. Which is exactly what Philly needs. The DL hasn’t been nearly as strong as the secondary for the Stars. They need someone to press QBs and who can keep RBs contained at the first level. Outside of Channing Stribling leading the league in INTs, this defense has been underwhelming.

Moving into the second half of the season Philadelphia needs to step it up defensively. Ralph Holley may be just the man to help them get there. One thing for sure, any additional help along a struggling defensive line would be a welcome sight for Stars fans.

Week 6 Injury Report:

Game Status Report:

Bryan Scott, QB: Out (Knee)

Cedrick Lattimore, DE: Full Go (Lower Back)

Jacob Burton, OL: Full Go (Ankle Sprain, Knee)

Channing Stribling, DB: Out (Ankle Sprain)

Diondre Overton, WR: Out (Hamstring Strain)

Chris Nelson, DL: Full Go (LCL Sprain)

Pro Wells, TE: Full Go (Hamstring Strain)

Jordan Moore, LB: Full Go (Patellofemoral)

James Crawford, DE: Full Go (MCL Sprain)

Paul Terry, RB: Full Go (AC Sprain)

Freedom Akinmoladun, DE: Full Go (Hip Impingement)

Darnell Howard, RB: Full Go (Hamstring Strain)

Mazzi Wilkins, DB: Full Go (Plantar Fascitis, Achilles Tendinopathy)

Adam Rodriguez, DE: Full Go (AC Sprain)

Bradley Sylve, DB: Full Go (Achilles Strain)

Case Cookus, QB: Full Go (Achilles Tendonitis)

Its concerning to see Channing Stribling on the report listed as out for week 6. A defense that is already struggling to contain the opposing offenses can hardly afford to lose their most disruptive player.

With the increase in roster sizes going into effect this week look for more free agent signings in the coming days. The Stars are in need of rotational players as well as starting caliber defenders if they hope to maintain playoff leverage. The Generals are in firm control of the North Division. Can the Stars hold on to 2nd place through the next 5 weeks? Michigan is starting to round into form and the Maulers finally got a win. Philadelphia has to get that defense in shape if they want to play for a championship.

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