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Report: USFL Announces Inaugural All-USFL Team

As we head into the final weekend of the USFL season, the league announced today on Twitter the Inaugural All-USFL Team which saw a sweep by the New Jersey Generals, New Orleans Breakers, and the Birmingham Stallions represeting the team. A total of 27 players were picked and split between Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

Breakdown By Team

New Jersey Generals – 7

New Orleans Breakers – 6

Birmingham Stallions – 5

Houston Gamblers – 3

Tampa Bay Bandits – 2

Philadelphia Stars – 2

Michigan Panthers – 1

Pittsburgh Maulers – 1

Inaugural All-USFL Team Roster


Kyle Sloter – New Orleans Breakers – QB – Northern Colorado

Kyle Sloter this year has been one of the top elite Quarterbacks in the league. Playing through numerous injuries, he has started all nine games throwing 291 attempts for 168 completions; for 1,798 yards, he has a current Quarterback rating of 112.3. He has nine passing touchdowns, only thrown 11 interceptions, and been sacked only 12 times over the nine games. He has led his team to 6 wins and is 2nd in the south heading into the 2022 USFL Playoffs facing off against the Birmingham Stallions.

Darius Victor – New Jersey Generals – RB – Towson

Darius is a stand-out running back this year, and if he doesn’t end up on an NFL team in the fall, I don’t know what to say; he has rushed for 543 yards in nine games, with 120 attempts with the longest being 23 yards. He has nine rushing touchdowns and has his sights along with the 8-1 New Jersey Generals at the first USFL championship as they will face the Philadelphia Stars in the playoffs.

Reggie Corbin – Michigan Panthers – RB – Illinois

Unfortunately, Reggie Corbin has been part of a team that has struggled with getting the job done and finishing games to win, but he is the exception. Corbin has played in 7 games, rushing for 514 yards on 85 attempts and having two rushing Touchdowns. Β Out of all the running backs in the USFL, it is sad to see Reggie Corbin not fully be up there with Darius Victor due to the offense he is a part of with the Michigan Panthers; hopefully, this weekend in week ten, the very last Panthers game of the season he goes off and makes the most out of the game giving himself tape for either the NFL or for a run again next season with the Panthers.

Victor Bolden Jr – Birmingham Stallions – WR – Oregon State

The biggest thing with the Inaugural All-USFL team selection is these players are the ones that stand out that made their team better, made the play of the game better, and if there is anyone that represents the All-USFL Team, it is Victor Bolden; he has a total Β of 1,110 All-Purpose yards, he was targeted 74 times throughout the season and assisted Birmingham in their 8-0 He had an undefeated streak before losing to Houston last week; despite having only one touchdown the entire year, Victor Bolden also led the team in Kick Return Yards with 538 and 175 punt return yards. Bolden is ready to shine in the USFL Playoffs and the Championship game on July 3rd.

KaVontae Turpin – New Jersey Generals – WR – TCU

Turpin has become a household name in any USFL fan; if you turn on any Generals game, you instantly hear about Turpin; He leads his team in four different areas; Receiving Yards, Receiving Touchdowns, Punt Return Yards, and All-Purpose Yards, two of those being league leaders. He has played in all nine games, targeted 48 times with 472 receiving yards with four receiving touchdowns.

Sal Cannella – New Orleans Breakers – TE – Auburn

Being a dominant Tight End this year, Sal Cannella brought in 364 receiving yards with two receiving touchdowns. At the same time, he may not be one of the more known TEs in the league. Cannella helped with the Breakers this year and helped Kyle Sloter rack up those passing yards. Along with bringing in those 12 points.

Terry Poole – New Jersey Generals – T – San Diego State

Cameron Hunt – Birmingham Stallions – G – Oregon

Jared Thomas – New Orleans Breakers – C – Northwestern

Garrett McGhin – New Jersey Generals – G – East Carolina

Jarron Jones – Tampa Bay Bandits – T – Notre Dame


Chris Odom – Houston Gamblers – DE – Notre Dame

Chris Odom had to be one of the best things for the Houston Gamblers this season, bringing in 11 sacks and 36 total tackles. He led the team with those 11 sacks and got a different attitude to the Gamblers; despite them only having two wins, the biggest win came this past weekend when they ruined the Stallion’s chances at an undefeated season. Β 

Reggie Howard Jr – New Orleans Breaks – DT – Notre Dame

Reggie: was drafted by the Tampa Bay Bandits and then released and signed by the Breakers. Reggie had a total of 28 tackles and 4.5 sacks this year, coming in 5th in the league for sacks. He looks to advance his Tackles and Sack count as the Breakers head into week ten and the playoffs in a week and a couple of days away.

Toby Johnson – New Jersey Generals – DT – Georgia

Toby Johnson had two sacks, one interception, and 33 total tackles through the nine games of the season. He is someone who will also look to continue his journey for the ultimate prize of the 2022 season, the USFL championship. Will Toby play in week ten? Will he be wrapping up any more sacks? Time will only tell.

Davin Bellamy – New Orleans Breakers – DE – Georgia

Another Georgia player on this list; starting to see a trend with back-to-back colleges; Davin helped the Breaker’s defense with 40 total tackles and 6 sacks, he has also helped his team get to the playoffs and will look to get some more sacks over the next three weeks if the Breakers make it to the championship game

.DeMarquis Gates – Birmingham Stallions – LB – Ole Miss

Gates, the man is known for playing with a floss pick in his mouth this season, had six sacks, 1 interception, and 57 total tackles to help the Birmingham Stallions to their current 8-1 season. Gates is another name you hear every time the Stallions play; we hear his name by the announcers. Birmingham is fortunate to have a Linebacker like Gates; he is another one I could also see showing up on an NFL roster this fall.

Donald Payne – Houston Gamblers – LB – Stetson

Donald Payne has shined with the Gamblers with 2 Interceptions, two sacks, and 108 total tackles. Donald Payne may not have been on a team that has made the playoffs, but in week ten, I expect him to show off his skills for one final game before the offseason.

Jerod Fernandez – New Orleans Breakers – LB – North Carolina State

Channing Stribling – Philadelphia Stars – CB – Michigan

Shalom Luani – New Jersey Generals -S – Washington State

Bryce Torneden – Pittsburgh Maulers – S – Kansas

Will Likely – Houston Gamblers – CB – Maryland

Special Teams

Brandon Aubrey – Birmingham Stallions – K – Notre Dame

Brandon Aubrey came in and made an enormous difference being the first in the league with kicking points with 73, when the league itself struggled with kicking points Aubrey made a huge stance and had a 90.5 PAT Percentage, kicking 22 Field Goals and missing 18 of them, for a league that struggled with Field Goals this was not as bad as what it could have been. Aubrey helped with 73 points helping the Stallions with the massive season they have played. Can he kick his way to a championship?

Brandon Wright – Tampa Bay Bandits – P – Georgia State

Brandon Wright had a 21.2% on kickoff touchbacks and has a 40.4 net average on punting.

Victor Bolden JR – Birmingham Stallions – ST – Oregon State

Being selected for both Offense and the Special Teams is quite the honor, Bolden as mentioned earlier had 538 kick-off return yards and 175 punt return yards coming in 3rd and 2nd in the league on both of those.

Maurice Alexander – Philadelphia Stars – KR – Florida International

There is a massive reason Maurice Alexander has been selected for the USFL All-Team because of the number of kickoff yards he had this season so far, coming in at 707 kick return yards, coming in first in the league, and 164 yards in punt return yards coming in 3rd in the league. If I were an NFL scout, I’d be keeping my eye on Alexander over the next couple of weeks to see what he brings to the table for his team heading into the playoffs.

KaVontae Turpin – New Jersey Generals – PR – TCU

Another player who has been selected twice by the USFL for the All-Team that is KaVontae; as mentioned before with him, he led the league in punt return yards with 184 total yards, which was a no-brainer when it came to selecting him for both offense and the special team’s aspect of the team.

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