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Report: USFL Combine March 19-20 In Birmingham, AL

In what be a slow NFL football news week. NFL insider Adam Schefter posted the following about a USFL combine in March.

“USFL is now scheduled to hold its combine March 19-20 in Birmingham, AL.”

What makes this interesting is USFL training camps are set to open March 21st. Our sources close to the USFL draft said they had over 700+ players sign USFL contracts for the USFL 2022 draft. The last days before the event there was a surge in signups. This is a jump from the 500 number expected. We also know there will be a supplemental draft scheduled for March 10th.

Player interest in the USFL must have grown over the last several days, plus CDC mask rule changes might have made it a but easier to get players together. At this time we are not sure if this is an open combine, an invite only combine or something else.


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