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USFL 2023: Meet the New Orleans Breakers Coaching Staff

The New Orleans Breakers have undergone a significant shakeup in their coaching staff for the 2023 USFL season. Following the departure of Larry Fedora, the Breakers announced John DeFilippo as the new head coach, setting a fresh tone for the team. Let’s take a closer look at the coaching staff who will be guiding the Breakers this season.

John DeFilippo – Head Coach/Quarterbacks Coach

Stepping into Larry Fedora’s shoes is John DeFilippo, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. His extensive history of developing quarterbacks should prove invaluable for the Breakers’ passing game.

Doug Martin – Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers

Doug Martin, the former head coach of the New Mexico State Aggies, is taking on the role of offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach. Known for his adaptability and keen offensive mind, Martin’s track record suggests that the Breakers’ offensive unit will benefit greatly from his innovative strategies.

Kirk Doll – Special Teams/Running Backs

Kirk Doll, a returning member of the Breakers’ coaching staff, continues in his dual role coaching special teams and running backs. Having won a national championship with LSU under Nick Saban, Doll’s experience will be invaluable in developing the Breakers’ ground game and special teams units.

TJ Vernieri – Tight Ends/Offensive Quality Control

TJ Vernieri joins the Breakers to coach the tight ends and handle offensive quality control. His role will be crucial in fine-tuning the Breakers’ offensive execution and optimizing the performance of the tight ends.

Jim Turner – Offensive Line/Run Game Coordinator

Jim Turner brings a substantial pedigree to the Breakers’ coaching staff, including NFL stints with the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals. His ability to develop linemen and coordinate the running game will be instrumental in the Breakers’ offensive success.

Jon Tenuta – Defensive Coordinator/Secondary

Jon Tenuta, a veteran coach with almost 40 years of experience, is the new defensive coordinator and secondary coach. With a resume featuring high-profile programs like Virginia, Ohio State, and Notre Dame, Tenuta is set to make the Breakers’ defense one of the most formidable in the league.

Cornell Brown – Defensive Line

Cornell Brown is tasked with coaching the defensive line, a key component of the Breakers’ defense. Brown’s previous experience should help develop a robust defensive line that can consistently apply pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Zach Tenuta – Linebackers

Zach Tenuta, the son of Jon Tenuta, is stepping in to guide the Breakers’ linebackers. Zach will be using his experience and football pedigree to improve the middle level of the Breakers’ defense.

Hunter Hughes – Assistant Defensive Backs/Defensive Quality Control

Hunter Hughes rounds out the defensive staff as the assistant defensive backs coach and defensive quality control specialist. Hughes’ contribution will be pivotal in refining the Breakers’ secondary and overall defensive performance.

Ryan Jones – General Manager

Ryan Jones, a seasoned scout and former college coach, is the Breakers’ general manager. Jones’ extensive experience in talent identification and team-building will be instrumental in shaping the Breakers’ roster for success.

The Breakers’ coaching staff for 2023 brings together a mix of experienced veterans and innovative newcomers. This blend of old and new is likely to offer fresh perspectives and strategic approaches, as the team looks to build upon last season’s playoff run. Fans of the Breakers can expect an exciting season ahead!

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