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USFL 2023: Week 8 TV Ratings On NBC, FOX, And The USA Network

The TV ratings are in for Week 8 of the USFL 2023 Regular season. A week ago, the USFL scored its lowest viewership average of the season, averaging 347,000 viewers across a cable-heavy slate. However, in week 8, the USFL saw an expected rise in the ratings after airing three weekly games on over-the-air network television.

USFL Week 8 TV Ratings On FOX, NBC, And The USA Network

Saturday afternoon’s 12 pm ET USFL telecast on the USA Network featuring the Pittsburgh Maulers and Houston Gamblers averaged 228,000 viewers. The game was rated 38th out of the top 150 cable tv shows in the 18-49 demographic.

The second game of the weekend, Saturday at 3 PM ET on NBC, saw the Philadelphia Stars and Birmingham Stallions average 747,000 viewers.

On Sunday, the USFL aired an afternoon doubleheader on FOX.

The first game between the New Jersey Generals and Memphis Showboats at 1 pm ET averaged 720,000 viewers.

The second half of the doubleheader featuring the Michigan Panthers and New Orleans Breakers averaged 774,000 viewers.

Quick Analysis

Overall, Week 8’s USFL games averaged 617,250 viewers. An expected boost from last week’s numbers (347k) due to the increase of over-the-air network games. (three versus only one a week ago).

Of the USFL’s 20 over-the-air network games on NBC/FOX this season. Only one game has averaged over a million viewers in viewership. Perhaps that will change in the league’s playoff stretch.

Approaching Week 9, four of the USFL’s games, which all have playoff ramifications, will air on network television, with two telecasts apiece airing on FOX and NBC. The league will close out Week 9 with a Sunday Night Football game on FOX.

The TV ratings for the USFL this season has produced mixed results to this point. But the league, because of its network exposure down the stretch and favorable, has a chance to finish on a high note.

Week 9 TV Schedule

Saturday, June 10
Michigan Panthers at Pittsburgh Maulers (Canton), noon (FOX) 
New Orleans Breakers at Memphis Showboats (Memphis), 3 p.m. (NBC)
Sunday, June 11
Birmingham Stallions at Houston Gamblers (Memphis), 2 p.m. (NBC)
Philadelphia Stars at New Jersey Generals (Canton), 7 p.m. (FOX)

USFL 2023 TV Ratings By Week (Average Viewership)

Week One

  • FOX: Philadelphia Stars-Memphis Showboats: 837,000
  • FOX: Birmingham Stallions-New Jersey Generals: 864,000
  • NBC: Michigan Panthers-Houston Gamblers: 974,000
  • FS1: New Orleans Breakers-Pittsburgh Maulers: 483,000

Week Two

  • USA: New Orleans Breakers-Houston Gamblers: 133,000
  • FOX: Birmingham Stallions-Memphis Showboats: 798,000
  • NBC: Pittsburgh Maulers- New Jersey Generals: 725,000
  • USA: Michigan Panthers-Philadelphia Stars: 211,000

Week Three

  • USA: New Orleans Breakers-Birmingham Stallions: 293,000
  • FOX: Memphis Showboats- Houston Gamblers: 776,000
  • NBC: Philadelphia Stars-Pittsburgh Maulers: 761,000
  • FOX: Michigan Panthers-New Jersey Generals: 563,000

Week Four

  • FOX: Philadelphia Stars-Houston Gamblers: 521,000
  • NBC: Memphis Showboats-Michigan Panthers: 2,063,000
  • NBC: New Jersey Generals-New Orleans Breakers: 828,000
  • FS1: Birmingham Stallions-Pittsburgh Maulers: 545,000

Week Five

  • USA: Pittsburgh Maulers-Michigan Panthers: 256,000
  • FOX: Birmingham Stallions-Houston Gamblers: 914,000
  • NBC: Philadelphia Stars-New Jersey Generals: 757,000
  • FOX: New Orleans Breakers-Memphis Showboats: 563,000

Week Six

  • USA: Pittsburgh Maulers-Memphis Showboats: 227,000
  • FOX: Birmingham Stallions-Michigan Panthers: 732,000
  • FS1: Philadelphia Stars-New Orleans Breakers: 217,000
  • FOX: Houston Gamblers-New Jersey Generals: 630,000

Week Seven

  • FOX: Birmingham Stallions-New Orleans Breakers: 703,000
  • FS1: Philadelphia Stars-Pittsburgh Maulers: 161,000
  • USA: Houston Gamblers-Memphis Showboats: 251,000
  • FS1: New Jersey Generals-Michigan Panthers: 274,000

Week Eight

  • USA: Pittsburgh Maulers-Houston Gamblers: 228,000
  • NBC: Philadelphia Stars-Birmingham Stallions: 747,000
  • FOX: New Jersey Generals-Memphis Showboats: 720,000
  • FOX: New Orleans Breakers-Michigan Panthers: 774,000

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  1. Jerry Humphrey

    June 8, 2023 at 9:41 pm

    I remember the USFL from the 80s, it was exciting to watch. Like to see more teams on region where they don’t have NFL team. I think the problem is Americans have been conditioned that Fall is football Spring/Summer is for baseball. I think more advertising on all stations would get people more interested in it.

  2. Sandra Lee

    June 9, 2023 at 12:36 pm

    Unable to watch cable network games. All local tv stations games were watched and enjoyed by family and friends.

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