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USFL and United Steelworkers Come to New CBA Agreement, Increase Pay For Players

Following months of negotiations, the USFL and players representations have approved a new three-year collective bargaining agreement.

In collaboration with the United Football Players Association and The United Steelworkers the players were able to push for increased benefits heading into year 2 of the USFL, set to begin in April 2023.

Per Sportico among the added benefits are an increase in players’ salary from $4,500 to $5,350 per week, $150 going towards a 401K package, and $2,500 towards inactive players on all team rosters. These changes are significant as the pay per week is higher than the XFL’s player weekly salary payout ($5,000) and the inactive players compensation is greater than the XFL’s $1,500 per week for game day rosters.

The new deal also grants $400 in housing allowances, a major hang up in the previous year when players were initially expected to front the living costs. With the league officially moving to two hub city locations and potentiality a third next Spring, the housing situation now looks to be more settled for the league’s appropriately 350 players.  

Weekly win bonuses will not be part of the benefits allocated in exchange for the increase in pay. Incentives such as preseason bonuses will also not be part of the package. The XFL is set to retain both of these perks as part of their contractual agreements.

The USFL released this statement on their Twitter page early Thursday afternoon east coast time:

“The USFL and United Steelworkers, who represent the USFL players, are pleased to announce a tentative bargaining agreement for USFL season 2 and beyond. The deal reflects a mutually beneficial working relationship between the league and players the reinforces our collective goal of making the USFL the most player-friendly professional Spring football league.”

The deal is pending official ratification.

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