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USFL Champion Colby Wadman Joins Washington Commanders: Punting Solution Amid Tress Way’s Injury?

Colby Wadman, who won the league championship with the Birmingham Stallions, has just joined the Commanders. Let’s huddle up and see what’s behind this fascinating play.

Tress Way’s Injury – A Sudden Curveball

Tress Way, the Commanders’ veteran punter, has been battling some back tightness lately. Head Coach Ron Rivera, however, isn’t too worried and doesn’t expect it to bench Way from the preseason opener against the Cleveland Browns. But we all know that in football, you’ve got to plan ahead, and that’s where Colby Wadman comes into the game.

Enter Colby Wadman – A USFL Champion

Colby Wadman first tasted the NFL back in 2018 with the Raiders, before punting 65 times for the Broncos, racking up a whopping 2,905 yards. Though he’s been off the regular-season field since 2019, Wadman has been anything but idle.

Last season, he found a new home with the Birmingham Stallions of the USFL, leading them to victory and winning the league championship. That’s the kind of play that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Wadman’s Role in Washington – A Temporary Fix or More?

With Way’s back issue still in the picture, the Commanders made a strategic move by signing Wadman. He now joins Way on the 90-man roster and will handle the punting duties in the preseason game.

But what’s the real game plan here? Is Wadman just a temporary substitute, or could he impress enough to earn a more extended stay in Washington? With his USFL credentials and proven NFL experience, he might just be a hidden gem.

Looking Ahead – Preseason Intrigue

While Rivera has stated that Way will still serve as the holder, the punting role is Wadman’s for now. This opportunity might not solidify his position in Washington once Way recovers, but it could certainly boost his profile for other interested teams.

For the Commanders, this also adds a layer of security, ensuring that they have a reliable punter in Wadman who’s already proven his mettle in the USFL.

Wrap Up: A Play to Watch

USFL enthusiasts, this is a storyline to follow as we move closer to the regular season. The Commanders’ move to bring in a USFL champion in Wadman is a testament to the talent brewing in our league.

Will Wadman’s footwork impress enough to keep him in the NFL? Or is this just a preseason cameo? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – when USFL meets the NFL, sparks are bound to fly.

Stay with me for all the updates, plays, and insights as we march down the football field of this exciting new season. The game’s afoot, and we’re just getting started!

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