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USFL Inks Scouting Data Partnership with HUB Football

Following a remarkably successful first season for the United States Football League (USFL), the USFL has signed a partnership with HUB Football, the preeminent audition stage for players looking to work their way into professional football.

The brainchild of NFL agent Don Yee, The CAMP presented by HUB Football has to-date run events for 606 athletes in HUB Football CAMPs in San Diego and Los Angeles with 154 (25.4%) signing professional contracts following their participation.

The USFL held its first draft in February 2022 and 52 former HUB Football CAMP participants were selected and signed, including quarterback J’Mar Smith, who guided the Birmingham Stallions to the 2022 USFL Championship crown. Another 18 HUB alums were signed during the USFL’s successful inaugural season.

“HUB Football will provide another scouting data resource to the innovative approach that we’re taking with player personnel at the USFL,” said Brian Woods, USFL President of Football Operations. “As the USFL prepares for Season 2 and beyond, we’re excited to officially partner with HUB Football to assist us with procuring elite young talent.”

“The path to pro football has needed innovation for a long time, and together with the USFL, we’re excited to offer all aspiring pro players an alternative path to the USFL and beyond,” said Yee. “This partnership is just the first step toward creating a unique discovery opportunity for the best of the next generation of football talent.”

HUB Football CAMPs are opportunities for free agents, college players two years removed from High School, and elite athletes from other sports to participate in NFL OTA-style workouts. Led by current and former NFL and FBS college coaches, prospective players take part in on-field work that focuses on technique and highlights their individual skill sets.

HUB’s CAMP rosters are curated to present only the best players to coaches and scouts, with each event averaging approximately 40 players. The next CAMP is Sunday Nov. 13 at DeVore Stadium at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, Calif.

“USFL fans enjoyed entertaining and competitive football during our first season because we invested heavily in finding and developing the best players,” said Daryl Johnston, USFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations. “This scouting data partnership with HUB Football continues the USFL’s fan-first, player-driven focus and is another step towards what is going to be an exciting Season 2.”

About the USFL:

The United States Football League (USFL) is an 8-team, stand-alone professional spring football league. The 2022 inaugural season finished on July 3 in Canton, Ohio, with the Birmingham Stallions winning the USFL Championship by defeating the Philadelphia Stars 33-30. NBC Sports and FOX Sports are the League’s official media partners, presenting all 43 regular- and postseason games. USFL co-founder Brian Woods is President of Football Operations. Former Dallas Cowboys standout and long-time NFL on FOX game analyst Daryl Johnston is Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Former NFL Vice President of Officiating and FOX Sports’ NFL and college football rules analyst Mike Pereira is Head of Officiating. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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