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USFL Schedule: Games on TV Today, Pittsburgh Maulers vs Memphis Showboats, Birmingham Stallions vs Michigan Panthers, Odds (Saturday, May 20)

For those wondering, “What football games are on today?” there are two USFL games on the agenda for May 20. Here’s everything you need to know about the matchups.

Pittsburgh Maulers (2-3) at Memphis Showboats (2-3), 12:30 p.m., USA

The weekend kicks off with the Pittsburgh Maulers visiting the Memphis Showboats. The two teams share an identical record but the Maulers are slight favorites to win this one.

Key Players to Watch:

  • Troy Williams (Pittsburgh Maulers): Williams is the team’s leading passer and rusher. His dual-threat ability will be critical to the Maulers’ success.
  • Cole Kelley (Memphis Showboats): Despite being second in passing stats, Kelley has managed to lead his team in rushing touchdowns. Look for him to make an impact in the red zone.

Betting Info:

  • Point spread: Maulers -2.5
  • Moneyline: Maulers -149 favorites to win; Showboats +115 underdogs to win
  • Total scoring over/under: 41.5 points scored by both teams combined

Given the Maulers’ strong offensive, they are likely to cover the spread. However, with both teams having similar defensive records, the total scoring might lean towards the under.

Birmingham Stallions (3-2) at Michigan Panthers (2-3), 4 p.m., FOX

In the second matchup of the day, the Birmingham Stallions will face off against the Michigan Panthers. The Stallions, coming off a loss to the Houston Gamblers last week, will look to bounce back against the Panthers.

Key Players to Watch:

  • Alex McGough (Birmingham Stallions): With 10 passing touchdowns, McGough leads the league in this category. His passing efficiency will be a key factor in this game.
  • Josh Love (Michigan Panthers): Love, with 6 passing touchdowns and leading the Panthers in passing yards, will need a standout performance to give the Panthers a fighting chance.

Betting Info:

  • Point spread: Stallions -5
  • Moneyline: Stallions -213 favorites to win; Panthers +160 underdogs to win
  • Total scoring over/under: 44.5 points scored by both teams combined

The Stallions are clear favorites in this matchup, and there’s a good chance they’ll cover the spread. Given the offensive capabilities of both teams, this game might exceed the over on total points scored.

Make sure to tune in for these exciting matchups on the USFL Schedule today, and remember to bet responsibly.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ken Granito

    May 20, 2023 at 1:46 pm

    Maybe we can stop annointing the Maulers North if not USFL champs. Also, kind of felt it was unfair to the Newsroom crew to say Maulers because of Troy Williams does everything, but that the Stallions aren’t good because Alex McGough can’t do everything. I love the Maulers D, but I know people want to say what they want to say. On top of that they have never been able to establish the run and they won’t be able to until, they try to. Plus Troy actually threw 2 more interceptions, one negated by a bad penalty call, the other the ball was just dropped by the defender. This is a GREAT example as you are not as good as your best game, nor are you as bad as your worst. I believe Troy will be better, but report what you see and use the stats when they support what you see, not the other way around.

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