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USFL Updates Website Ahead Of April 16th Kick-Off

The USFL has updated its website ahead of the April 16th kick-off, when the New Jersey Generals take on the Birmingham Stallions. This is the third iteration of the website since the league was announced. The game will be televised on both Fox and NBC

With interest in the league sure to skyrocket once games begin in April, the league has given its website a much-needed facelift. Work on an updated site version has been going on for the last several months. 

Unlike the AAF and XFL, the USFL takes a more slow and conservative approach to bring their league to fans. Something alt football fans find frustrating at times. But that is part of the overall ‘incubator’ approach to the league.

Spring football is littered with defunct leagues that come on strong and burn through cash quickly. Fox has learned from both the AAF and XFL what works and what doesn’t. Executives have said that they want to make it to a year two and beyond and feel that this approach will work. 

The new website includes:

  • A nice new home page
  • Schedule sections
  • News section
  • Team pages
  • Even a link to their NFT page

More items are sure to come, including stats, standings, and more. Just click on our menu for all of those sections we already have on USFL News Hub. It would be nice to have a transaction section as players are getting cut or even being traded to other teams as we get closer to kick-off.

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