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How To Score A USFL NFT, Step By Step Instructions

If you are a football fan, you have probably heard of Crypto. You know names like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. As a football fan, you are probably interested in collectibles around your favorite league or team. Things like jerseys, autographs, hats, and even football cards are collectibles we are accustomed to as fans.

Over the last year or two, something called NFT’s has recently hit the market. There have been a lot of things written about them with little understanding of how really powerful they are.

An NFT is a digital collectible then can do more than any collectible you have ever owned. NFT stands for non-fungible token. The non-fungible part means it is one of a kind, and token relates to the Ethereum blockchain. 

Ethereum is another crypto, but it is different in that it has utility beyond the store of value like Bitcoin or DOGE. You can do things with it, like create NFT’s. You can’t do that with Bitcoin or Dogecoin.

Get Started With USFL NFT’s

We have gotten the technical piece out of the way. Let us get into how this relates to the USFL and how you can get involved. The first thing you need to do is head over the That is the official NFT page for the USFL. You can join their Discord to get more information and answer any questions you might have about the USFLs NFT.

For anyone getting involved in Crypto, it is best to create an account somewhere. This is your on-ramp to the Crypto world. We recommend creating an account with Coinbase, it is is the easiest and most trusted brand.  

Next, you want to connect your Coinbase wallet to OpenSea is the most popular place for NFT’s and is used by the USFL. To recap, Coinbase is your wallet, OpenSea is the Marketplace. Once you have them both connected you are ready to go.

You can also use something called You can download it as a browser extension in Google Chrome or as a mobile app on your phone. MetaMask will be your wallet, just like Coinbase. But to keep it simple, use Coinbase. Metamask is a bit more advanced.


Now that you have your wallet and OpenSea account ready, you will have to wait for the next USFL NFT drop. When they are available, you can sign up at You will link the wallet address from your Coinbase account to the NFT drop. The USFL will send the ‘drop’ to the wallet, and you will be able to see it in your OpenSea account. Keep checking or the Discord for when it is available. Each drop only has a limited number of spots. 

Here is what it will look like on your OpenSea account. This is FREE, so you don’t need to buy anything at this time. There will be more coming from this USFL Fan Pass in the coming days. You will be able to use your free Fan Pass to trade it in for a team token. There’s nothing else to do now but wait for the Team Token announcement.

Get USFL Team Token

Now that you have gotten an email from the USFL about the team token, you need to connect the wallet to the website. Make sure you are logged in to your Coinbase or Metamask wallet before beginning.

  • Connect your Web3 wallet using the red button at the top right on
  • Go to “My NFTs” where you can see your USFL Fan Pass and click on it
  • Select the Team Token you want to trade for your Fan Pass for FREE (a 70.00 MATIC, currently $81.90 USD, value)

Once in you will see this. You now must convert you pass into a team token. Click on your fan pass then select your USFL team, the sign the token. Give it some time to load everything.

Now I am an owner of a USFL Team Token – Tampa Bay Bandits.


The USFL Fan Pass allows you to redeem the first-ever USFL Team Token. Getting this token means you have secured future access to USFL NFTs, airdrops, special behind-the-scenes access, and IRL (In Real Life) utility throughout the first USFL season in Birmingham at Protective Stadium.

Only Team Token Holders will get access to:

  • USFL season & 2022 Playoff ticket giveaways
  • Virtual & IRL player/coach meet & greets postgame
  • Exclusive behind the scenes content
  • Access to the “Owners Lounge” in the USFL Discord where you can be the first to know about all things USFL, special events, future drops, and playoff NFTs
  • Exclusive Giveaways for limited-edition merchandise signed by your favorite USFL players 

Check back on this page as we will keep it updated, answer fans’ questions, and give more details on NFT’s as the USFL 2022 season goes on.

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