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Why the NFL Is the Best Sport to Target for Your Sports Betting Business

The sports betting industry is growing in popularity, resulting in a colossal drive-in audience engagement on sports betting platforms. However, the engagement among bettors has become louder on America’s favorite sport, the NFL, making it an irresistible sport for the sports betting business. 

The change

In recent years, there have been significant changes in the world of sports betting. In 1992, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act prohibited sports betting across the United States. However, a Supreme Court ruling in May 2018 overturned this ban, giving individual states the power to create their laws on sports betting. As a result, sports betting has been legalized in 39 states.

With this shift in the legal landscape and technological advancements, it has become much more straightforward for individuals, including athletes, to place bets whenever and wherever they please. Consequently, the NFL has had to become more vigilant in enforcing its gambling policies to maintain the integrity of the game, all while exploring the commercial opportunities the sports betting industry brought forth.

Why you should target the NFL for your sports betting business

With the increased sports market engagement today, starting a sports betting business with NFL sports could be the icebreaker. The potential reasons include the following:

Popularity and high betting volume

According to data collected exclusively by CRG Global for the Variety Intelligence Platform, in October 2022, a whopping four out of five mobile sports bettors had placed wagers on the NFL. This statistic significantly surpassed the popularity of the most favored sport for betting, the NBA, followed by MLB and college football. 

Furthermore, the NFL’s influence becomes evident when we look at the number of monthly wagers in states where sports betting is permitted. Betting activity surges during the NFL postseason and at the start of the regular season, with only the NCAA’s annual March Madness tournament able to match the excitement generated by professional football. 

Another intriguing discovery arising from the partnership between Variety Intelligence Platform and CRG Global was that, comparatively, a more significant portion of NFL fans who engage in sports betting tend to bet on the NFL itself. The percentage of fans who refrain from betting is notably lower than that of other sports. However, the NFL attracts more fans who bet sporadically, potentially indicating casual gamblers who wager solely on major games and events.

In the same vein, a company known as Atlantic City, New Jersey, in the U.S., widely utilized by the gambling industry to confirm the location of its customers, also observed a remarkable surge in transactions during the initial weekend of the 2022 NFL season. 

These reports imply that the NFL draws in a substantial amount of betting activity, offering bookmakers ample chances to profit.  

To further reinforce this, the NFL boasts a massive and dedicated fan base in the United States and worldwide. The sheer volume of viewership and engagement during NFL games presents a vast market for sports betting. Therefore, with millions of fans tuning in each week, there’s a significant potential for attracting bettors to your betting business.

Opportunity for streams of revenue 

With the rise of sports betting popularity, the NFL has entered into business collaborations with various sportsbooks. Currently, the NFL has the potential to earn millions in revenue through these partnerships, marking a clear departure from its previous strict stance against gambling on moral grounds.

The NFL’s collaborations and partnerships with betting firms have increased advertising and sports betting promotion during games and other NFL-related occasions. These partnerships have unlocked lucrative revenue streams for both parties. 

Therefore, you can reach many potential customers by aligning your sports betting business with the NFL.

Long seasons

Another reason you should consider the NFL is that the NFL season spans several months, providing a consistent and reliable stream of betting opportunities. This regularity allows you to plan and execute marketing strategies effectively, capitalizing on each game’s excitement and anticipation.

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