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New Jersey Generals RB Darius Victor Named USFL Offensive Player Of The Year

The USFL has announced that New Jersey Generals RB Darius Victor has been named Offensive Player of The Year for the 2022 season. As the ancient saying goes, “to the victor belong the spoils,” and very few players in the USFL are more deserving of success and recognition than Darius Victor.

USFL Offensive Player Of The Year Darius Victor

The 28-year-old Towson University superstar Darius Victor has endured a lot of adversity in his personal and professional life to reach this point. It’s been a remarkable journey for him, out of the NFL for four years and out of pro football since starring in the XFL with the New York Guardians. Victor has found new life by playing football again in the USFL.

For those who don’t know Darius Victor’s background. You can check out the story in the article below.

As the workhorse and red zone finisher in the Generals’ league-leading rushing attack, Darius Victor secured the USFL Offensive Player of the Year award by rushing for ten touchdowns in 10 regular-season games. The 230-pound bruising running back finished third in the league with 577 rushing yards, only two behind his New Jersey running mate Trey Williams.

His teammates and coaches have praised Victor’s leadership on and off the field. The tackle-breaking dynamo Victor also provided one of the most memorable quotes of the USFL season when he proclaimed during a national television interview, “Thick thighs save lives.”

One of the crowning achievements of the 2022 version of the USFL is that it has afforded football fans the opportunity to watch some of their favorite players get another chance to shine. Darius Victor has been one of the most entertaining players to watch in the league. He has embodied the old cliche of a player playing every down as if it was his last. Victor has always been a cult hero for the football fans who have followed him throughout his college and pro career. The USFL has given players like Darius Victor a platform to show everyone how good of a player and person he has always been.

The New Jersey Generals are getting many roses thrown in their direction. And rightfully so, the team is 9-1, riding a nine-game win streak heading into the playoffs this Saturday. The individual honors for players like Victor, his teammates, and the head coach are well deserved. But I am sure that the recognition they want most is being crowned champions of the USFL.

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