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Philadelphia Stars vs. New Jersey Generals Predicted To Be One-Sided Game—How You Can Watch The Action

It’s already week three of the USFL and in that time the Philadelphia Stars have racked in one loss and one win. Their loss came in week one at the hands of the New Orleans Breakers (23-17). Their win came just last week, the Stars beating the Pittsburgh Maulers 30 to 23.

Interestingly enough, the New Jersey Generals are walking into their third game of the season with the very same track record so far this season…a loss in week 1 and a win in week 2.

Their loss was at the very capable collective hands of the Birmingham Stallions (28-24…not a scathing loss but a loss just the same), and their win last week was against the Michigan Panthers, they taking the game by 10 to 6. Many would argue a very uneventful game points-wise, but I digress.

Yet many would also argue that the teams aren’t well matched up at all. Specifically, Fan Duel gives the game in favor of Philly winning out in the end, and according to JD Yonke of, the game is Philly’s and by a high point margin apparently.

He also goes on to say that despite their strengths, Philly has shown some weakness in the defense but is strong offensively. So far their track record proves just that.

Seeing New Jersey’s penchant for low scores offensively in that last game, perhaps the Stars won’t have all that much trouble, but of course that’s neither here nor there, as they did decently in that first game of the season.

Furthermore, R.J. White, who is Sports Line’s number one pro football expert and has an exceptional track record for picking, also backs the Stars and gives them {-1} odds to cover facing the Generals this coming Sunday. Now odds are odds, but in essence anything can happen on the gridiron.

For an exceptional preview of the game by my colleague here at the USFL News Hub, click the ‘NEXT’ link below at the bottom of the article.

How you can watch the action

Feel like you’re missing out on all the hype of the USFL? Don’t worry, as you’re not alone; many are starting to take notice, but you aren’t late. We’re still in week three after all. There is of course a way to watch the action unfold, and it’s simpler than you think.

via Philadelphia Stars on Twitter

Just subscribe to Peacock. As per the Peacock website:

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The game is set to go down on Sunday May 1st at 8PM EST.

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