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Philly Stars Set To Start Season With A Bang Against Breakers—Philly Mascot Finally Gets A Name

We already know the history. We are aware of the controversy, and we are aware of the long wait we’ve been through to see the USFL make its return. It’s finally here, dear readers, and it seems like we’re living in some kind of dream state really, as the season opening games are set to happen as I write this.

Not to be too biased about it, but Philly really have a lot to prove upon their return. The Stars had quite the history in the former league known as the USFL, ex champs and all that, as the Stars in Philly and in Baltimore for that last season.

Footage from that time seems so foreign to us now; like ghosts from a different era running and playing and throwing on that gridiron of old that was shrouded in so much turmoil (then and now); it’s hard to believe they’re back in all their glory—the USFL.

But back they are and the Philadelphia Stars are set to take on the New Orleans Breakers in their very first match of the season. The game is set to go down tomorrow (Easter Sunday, the 17th) at 4PM EST.

What else do we know?

The cold hard facts, that’s what. We know that the coaching staff has planned quite the team, both defensively and offensively…

We’ve gone into the nuts and bolts of all that together in the last installment, but to review, the team looks like a who’s who of the TSL’s Generals, as head coach for the Stars, Bart Andrus, coached that very team in 2020, 2021.

Heading into this Sunday’s game though, we should probably expect a good start for the Stars; at least that’s what’s to be expected from any fan, but this is still pro football folks, even if it is a different league.

According to, the strength for the team and the power are to be coming from the back end of the team, despite some pretty impressive stars up front—specifically with Matthew Colburn and Darnell Holland back there, according to the aforementioned piece.

All eyes are on star QB, Bryan Scott, but despite what has been said, the offense is strong as well, as we most certainly covered last time.

via Reddit

Statistically though, the Breakers apparently have more experience overall. Just one look at the team bios shows us that much, but in the end, the question we need to ask ourselves is: Will experience win out in the end? Or will a deep-rooted history in a mere team name be enough to fuel the Stars to a victory…their first of many this season?

Question marks all around, definitely, but like I said earlier, this is football, dear readers.

And no, it’s not the same team as the 83-84-85 squad that went out there for three years in a row and kicked some serious you know what—heck it’s not even the same league, only in name, but if the overall feeling is that the Breakers are set to win this based on experience alone, we’ll call Philly the underdogs, and that’s a position any sports team or icon (even fictional) from Philly never minded being in.

Superstitious fans and fans that notice that sometimes in sports, there’s sometimes something else on the field other than the players…something a tad supernatural…spiritual even.

Now no, this isn’t a Stephen King novel, but sports are full of moments that cannot always be explained. I guess my point is: Anything can happen on Sunday, so tune in wherever you are—even if you’re in a food coma from eating way too many Easter bunny chocolates; you won’t want to miss this one.

Philly Stars mascot finally named

Yes, he finally has been christened, but the name is a tad unfortunate, and he doesn’t seem to belong to any animal species, as he’s been simply named: The Blob.

I mean come on! The bugger’s cuter than that. Couldn’t they have come up with something a tad more flattering…? I don’t know…to me he looks more like a good-natured alien, like ET, and yes, with sharp teeth, but cuddly just the same.

Looks like somebody with the organization agreed with me because two of the three choices offered were alien-ish names. The Philadelphia Stars themselves started a poll on social media. The choices were: Astro, Cosmo and of course, Blob. I personally would have gone with Cosmo.

via The Philadelphia Stars on Twitter

Regardless, Blob, we here at the USFL News Hub say: “Welcome to earth,” and from myself and the Philly Supporters out there, we say more importantly: “Welcome to Philly.”

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