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USFL 2022: Pittsburgh Maulers Season Preview 2022

The Pittsburgh Maulers open their 2022 season on Sunday, April, 16th against the Tampa Bay Bandits after being gone for almost forty years. All USFL regular-season games in the 2022 season will be played in Birmingham, Ala. 

The Mauler’s first season was in 1984 when they played at Three Rivers Stadium for only one season where they tied for the worst record in the league at 3-15. 

The 2022 season will include a 10-game schedule, and the Maulers’ opener puts two head coaches that were both on the Pittsburg Steelers coaching staff against each other with the Mauelrs’ Kirby Wilson against the Bandits’ Todd Haley. 

The Pittsburgh Maulers’ schedule will be as follows.

  • Week 1: vs. Bandits
  • Week 2: at Stars
  • Week 3: at Panthers
  • Week 4: vs. Generals
  • Week 5: at Houston Gamblers
  • Week 6: at New Orleans Breakers
  • Week 7: vs. Birmingham Stallions
  • Week 8: at Generals
  • Week 9: vs. Stars
  • Week 10: vs. Panthers

The Maulers’ first-round pick went to the Quarterback position and FCS Richmond’s Kyle Lauletta. However, the Maulers have not officially named their QB1 yet saying that Josh Love remains a viable starting option. 

“We feel we have two really strong, bright young men who have a passion for football and want to be winners,” said Head Coach Wilson. “We view both as starters.” 

At running back and leading the team as offensive captain is Garret Groshek who comes off a historic season at the University of Wisconsin.

“The greatest compliment you can ever give a player as a coach is, ‘I trust you,’ ” said Wilson. “And we trust Garrett.”

The Maulers’ starting tight end duo is Hunter Thedford and Matt Seybert. 

“They love to run block, they’re massive guys and we’re really happy with their leadership and their attitudes,” said Wilson. 

The biggest star on the team is arguably wide receiver Jeff Thomas from the University of Miami. 

“We think he’s a game-breaker,” said coach Wilson. “He’s got a chance to be a game-changer every time he gets the ball.”

Coach Wilson says that they have put together the biggest toughest o-line in the USFL. Wilson says their strategy will be physicality to dominate on the turf citing Vadal Alexander and John Dietzen as major factors. 

“Those guys are huge, they are powerful, they are mean and they love the game of football,” Coach Wilson said. 

On the other side of the line, the Defensive Line is stacked with physicality as well. 350 pounder Olive Sapapolu from Wiscson lining up in the center, and will also take snaps as a fullback in goalline packages. 

Wilson called Defensive Tackle Darrius Moragne, “a powerful and explosive inside guy that will be a force.”

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