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USFL and XFL Merger: What Team’s are Staying and Who’s Going?

In a potentially groundbreaking merger between the USFL and XFL leagues, as reported recently by Axios, the fate of several existing teams hangs in the balance. As we explore the prospects and hurdles of various teams, it becomes evident that only a handful may weather this storm, enjoying a seamless transition into a unified league.

The Birmingham Stallions, while experiencing a dip in ticket sales this 2023 season, stand as a formidable contender to secure a spot in the merged entity. Despite the recent hurdles which was echo by USFL VP Daryl Johnston their rich history and the guidance of Head Coach Skip Holtz could play pivotal roles in sustaining the team’s position. Yet, their journey won’t be without challenges, as reviving ticket sales emerges as a crucial task in the days to come. Plus the league can’t loose their two time defending Champion. Think of a Stallions vs Renegades week 1 match up.

Similarly, the Houston Gamblers find themselves in a promising stance, potentially replacing XFL’s Houston Roughnecks. However, the transition brings up questions revolving around team composition — will the new team harbor more USFL or XFL players? Moreover, the leadership dynamics pose another puzzle: would Curtis Johnson continue to steer the ship or would Wade Phillips take over the reins?

Meanwhile, the Memphis Showboats sail on favorable winds, largely by the substantial support vocalized by the owner of FedEx Fred Smith who played a crucial role in the return of the Memphis Showboats when the team announced its return in 2022. The backing not only infuses financial vigor but firmly anchors the team in Memphis, carving a niche in the city’s sporting landscape.

While these teams appear to be on a secure footing, others like the Michigan Panthers are grappling with a dubious future, primarily due to the cessation of season ticket sales — a possible indicator of their dwindling fate in the merger. The USFL is currently not selling season tickets for its 4th hub city. The Philadelphia Stars and New Jersey Generals face their set of challenges, operating in high-cost cities without dedicated home stadiums, painting a picture of uncertainty in their continuance. A similar fate surrounds the New Orleans Breakers, who too find themselves without a home base, leading to speculation of a temporary or permanent pause.

Pittsburgh Maulers hold a card of interest, with the potential of either fostering a new team in Canton, Ohio or metamorphosing into the Canton Maulers, tapping into the city’s rich football heritage and state-of-the-art facilities.

As the football fraternity stands at the threshold of a new era, the possibility of teams going on a hiatus, with a roadmap for re-entry at a later juncture, akin to the trajectory of the Tampa Bay Bandits, can’t be ruled out.

As anticipation builds, with stakeholders and fans eagerly awaiting official announcements, we remain committed to bringing you the latest and most accurate insights from the realm of USFL football. Stay tuned as we navigate the unfolding narrative of this historic merger.

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Mark Perry is the founder and editor of USFL News Hub, a premier site dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of the USFL. Since its inception in February 2022, the platform has grown exponentially under his expert leadership, carving out a unique niche in the world of football reporting. Mark has been covering football extensively since 2018, with his in-depth knowledge and insightful analysis helping to elevate USFL News Hub as a trusted source for all things related to spring football. His expertise spans various aspects of the sport, offering readers a nuanced perspective on the trends and developments in the USFL and beyond. Beyond his editorial responsibilities, Mark is known for his approachability and commitment to fostering dialogue around the sport. He is always open to inquiries and discussions about spring football. He can be contacted directly by emailing His dedication and passion for football make him a vital voice in the coverage of this thrilling sport.



  1. shimmy

    September 20, 2023 at 2:28 pm

    This is a developmental league, from the fields they play on,rules, officiating,ownership,(community ownership) the use of color in the uniforms there is entire pallet of colors. The communities must take ownership of these teams. Please no current NFL cities, spread the game around. XFL conference USFL conference under the shield “Thee ALLIANCE”. Try to bring in from old leagues,(AAF,UFL WLAF,WFL,old XFL,Old USFL,Continental league. Get this right 16 more non NFL cities enjoying football. These players, coaches, officials, you name it there developing there skills,to make the game of football even better.

    • julio smith

      September 22, 2023 at 5:40 am

      1keep the breakers and generals
      2 rename pittsburgh the canton maulers
      3 reband the philadelphia stars to the tampa bay bandits

  2. Keith A Ingham

    September 20, 2023 at 8:24 pm

    I’m a big Seattle Dragons fan!I sure want them to play in 2024! What do think there chances are Mark! Thanks Keith

  3. Ken Granito

    September 20, 2023 at 9:42 pm

    You know I love your writing. You write what you see and try to stay away from the Speculation Zone, but this my friend is big news. It’s the biggest thing you may ever report. I am going to help you by showing my excitement. I was not really a fan of the merger. I feel the XFL has had too many missteps to ally the USFL with them. Then I thought of what an excellent and powerful this league can become. A powerful league can look like this. The North, NJ Generals, Pittsburgh Maulers, Michigan Panthers, DC Defenders, Stl. Battlehawks & Philadelphia Stars. South: Birmingham Stallions, Arlington Renegades, Memphis Showboats, Houston Roughnecks, San Antonio Brahmas and New Orleans Breakers. The new league season from the 2nd weekend in March until the last weekend in May would leave the league with a ton of new scheduling options. I imagine Birmingham, Memphis, Michigan, Canton, Arlington, Houston, San Antonio, St. Louis, DC are good to go. With the regular season ending it May it should open up more options for the Breakers in Louisiana and I there may be some optmism about getting a home in New Jersey. My biggest concern is the Stars. I would run it up the flagpole again with Franklin Field. Having this combined might really stack up the fans as both XFL and USFL fans will come together for this league. This should be even more intriguing to NBC. This would provide a definite ratings boost, so now we would have 3 broadcast partners and Monday night football. Keep the union the USFL has and see who will accept those conditions to help get expenses under control. There is plenty of talent and the league will only grow even more competitively. If this works and you move to expand, you can expand 2-4 teams in the West. Seattle Dragons and possibly either San Diego, Oakland, San Jose, Denver. You guys have the players, the trademarks, the Tv coverage, most places have homes. Attendance will grow with this attack. I promise. I almost feel by double at least. Bring this to fruition

  4. ThatCommenter

    September 29, 2023 at 9:59 pm

    As long as the Pittsburgh Maulers stay on I will be alright with this merger. I don’t like the merger, but I have to accept it.

    Get rid of the Michigan Panthers, and then three of the shitty XFL teams.

    Still, though, the USFL is the only one of the two leagues that has substantial history. The XFL is just a turd that the rock crapped out.

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