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USFL Starts Website For NFT Drops, Special Events & Fan Engagement

With today’s USFL NFT announcement, the question was, how do fans get involved. The press release mentioned a Discord server. But there is more to it than that.

The USFL has created a website around this new NFT initiative. It is called There is not much on it now, as the season starts on April 16th, we expect more coming soon.

Be one of the first fans to claim a USFL Mint Pass and unlock future NFT drops and special event access.”

Also included on the site will be Access to players, coaches, and executives of the USFL, NFTs, and collect free proof of attendance collectibles at each game of the season.

“Exclusive content and perks for members, including a behind-the-scenes look at the league, merchandise discounts, access to games live-streamed from the USFLs studios”

From todays press release

“While details will be revealed to players and coaches when they report to training camp later this month, a majority of sales revenue from these NFTs will go directly to them via digital wallets. Using smart contracts on the blockchain, USFL coaches and players will be the first from any professional sports league to receive revenue at exact time of sale.”

When training camps begin on March 21st, expect more to come from this site. For now, fans can interact on the leagues Discord Server.

Clearly this move into Discord and NFT’s is not for the older generation football fans who don’t understand NFT’s or even knows what a Discord server is. This is to bring in the young demo and use the blockchain to provide something different in their football experience.

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