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USFL’s Season Two: Darryl Johnston Talks Opportunities, Challenges, and Anticipation

In a recent interview, President of Football Operations Darryl Johnston, the influential figure behind the United States Football League (USFL), spoke candidly about the second season’s triumphs and tribulations. Here are six of the most impactful statements from the interview.

  1. Reflecting on the logistics of the second season, Johnston remarked, “I think the biggest challenge for us were some of the things behind kind of that shield of game day and just some of the logistical challenges that we were going to have being in the four hubs this season as opposed to having everybody centralized last year in Birmingham.” He went on to praise his team’s adaptability in handling these new challenges and maintained a strong sense of unity despite the geographical dispersal of the teams.
  2. “I think one of the big things that happened with us coming into year two, and I mean this with no disrespect to the four coaches who were with us in year one, they will always have a special place. And bringing on four new head coaches, I think was one of the big challenges that hit us right as we got to the start of 2023.” Despite the challenge, Johnston emphasized the strength of their newly formed coaching squad and their significant contributions to the league’s growth.
  3. He also addressed the element of turnover in the league: “As we’re creating these opportunities, we are going to lose some of our players and our coaches. And it’s up to us to adjust to that as we go from season to season.” Johnston described this as an oddly rewarding aspect of the league, as it shows they are enabling individuals to take the next steps in their career.
  4. “And for Kavante Turpin to be welcomed back to TCU after his season last year was one of the most gratifying things to me because I know that that relationship was strained for a while.” This quote emphasizes the USFL’s commitment to developing not just talented football players, but well-rounded young men, highlighting how the league helps its athletes grow personally as well as professionally.
  5. Finally, looking ahead, Johnston concluded, “So very excited to see what happens over the next two to three weeks. Love the fact that we’re all jumbled up in both of our divisions, especially down in the south. Love the way that we stacked our schedule where we have meaningful games in weeks nine and weeks ten.” His palpable excitement underscores the anticipation surrounding the end of the second season and the future prospects of the league.
  6. Johnston also shared his delight in the league’s first season in Michigan, “We have loved our first season in Michigan. We can’t wait for our second season in Michigan and we appreciate all the support that we’ve gotten from our fan base up there. They have been engaged with us since season one on social media and we knew that the Michigan hub was going to be one of the ones that was going to be our real success story for us in year two when we got everything started.”

The comprehensive and candid nature of Johnston’s interview provides a insights into the changes shaping the USFL. His innovative mindset, commitment to dialogue with coaches, and intention to improve the fan experience are transforming the league in ways that are both meaningful and entertaining.

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