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USFL Week 7 Preview, Latest USFL TV Ratings, Power Rankings, DFS Picks

Dive into the thrilling world of USFL with us in this episode of USFL Week In Review. We’re serving up a potent mix of analysis and predictions as we preview the much-anticipated Week 7 games. Get the latest on TV ratings, and find out how your favorite team is faring in the eyes of the public. After our commercial break, we switch gears to explore the QB landscape, breaking down our exclusive rankings to highlight who’s at the helm of the league.

Next, we bring in Mike Mitchell’s expert power rankings, offering insightful commentary on the top-tier teams. Finally, we wrap up the episode with hot DFS picks and fantasy predictions for all you fantasy football enthusiasts. Whether you’re a football fanatic or a casual viewer, this episode is your one-stop-shop for everything USFL!

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