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And They’re Gone, QBs Kyle Sloter and Luis Perez Leave USFL for XFL

Breaking news, as many know the XFL QB selection was taking place on today November 15. As many knew many teams were already allotted their first eight quarterbacks, per Mike Mitchell, with rumors surrounding others. Two staples of the USFL Luis Perez and Kyle Sloter both Top-5 QBs of the USFL, have jumped ship leaving the New Jersey Generals and New Orleans Breakers to join the Las Vegas Vipers and Arlington Renegades.

Perez is a nomad in the alt-football universe, playing the NFL, AAF, XFL 2.0, USFL and TSL. He’s a proven leader throughout alt-football and has been on the forefront of many of these leagues. Overall, he’s thrown 3632 yards, and 24 Touchdowns in his Alt-Football career, while being parts of several NFL camps. Perez joins the Jalan McClendon a quarterback who matches the skill set of the DeAndre Johnson his partner in crime with the New Jersey Generals a team that won nine regular season games under his leadership.

Sloter is also a nomad working out for the majority of NFL teams being signed by seven. Sloter joins his 9th team in his 3rd league, after throwing for 1799 yards and 9 touchdowns. Sloter was hampered by injuries with the Breakers and now has a chance to showcase his skills in the XFL 3.0. Sloter is always on NFL teams short-list especially this late in the season, and hopefully is able to stay healthy enough to show NFL teams that he is a true asset in the NFL as a Quarterback.

Sloter and Perez are two quarterbacks who made the jump to the XFL, with a couple more rumored to leave. Jordan Ta’amu and Bryan Scott are two other “defectors” that may also jump as Showboats/Bandits QB Brady White was introduced as the starting QB for the new Memphis franchise.

With the XFL supplemental draft set for January and the open pool set for November 17th, it looks that it’s possible the XFL poaches more USFL talent later this week and early next year. USFL teams have been signing players weekly to fill any void for the 2023 season.

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Pat Rifino is a former Security Contractor turned writer. He began his writing career talking about geo-politics, and the defense industry. Now Pat writes about alt-league football, while hanging out with his dogs in his off time.



  1. 4th&long

    November 15, 2022 at 3:37 pm

    Correction: They did not leave the USFL for the XFL, they were Free Agents after being released from the NFL to sign anywhere.

  2. Ken Granito

    November 15, 2022 at 10:28 pm

    I kind of agree with 4th & Long. They were free agents. Something the USFL has learned with their contracts, but iI am hoping this works out for the USFL. To me Kyle Sloter was not good in the heat. I think it was more than just injury. He was making mental miscues more as the season went on, the number one symptom when mentally and physically exhausted from the heat. As far as Luis Perez goes the best touch passer I have seen and at 53 I have watched a lot of football. He made one unbelievable play on 4th down to preserve a win during their 9 game win streak. Totally unbelievable. The issue is he lacks the arm strength to be able to be counted on and in the playoffs the Generals had injuries to their offensive line and the line didn’t allow him to be Luis Perez. They will be missed, but the real loss would be Jordan Ta’amu and Bryan Scott. First of all those two should be careful. There are only 8 teams in the XFL and a bunch of quarterback talk. I am sure Bryan Scott would start for any XFL team, but the coaching in the XFL is not the same as the USFL. No XFL team can bring a Bart Andrus, nor Mike Riley. The Generals just lost their QB. Could you imagine him or Cookus on the Generals. Cookus might be a better fit, but Scott with either if those two coaches is great. I could see Bryan Scott performing better for Riley and Andrus better than any of the XFL coaches. Maybe if he sees the openings in the USFL he will want to stay here. The names are in the the NFL, but not offensive geniuses. I can see Bryan Scott doing better with the Stars, Generals, Stallions, Panthers or Breakers than in the XFL. If I wanted to see my future grow, it would be in the USFL, plus he got hurt in game 3 while the USFL was experiencing their growing pains. The USFL has already gone through that and the XFL is just about to experience theirs. Think Coach Taylor and Friday Night Lights. Bryan, unless something happened that left a bad taste with the USFL talk with league and see what you can work out. Think if it couldn’t work out better here. Either way looking to see who gets drafted by the XFL so we start to see availability. Btw another big loss would Sal Cannella…. a true USFL star.

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