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Kevin Sumlin’s Rocky Road: From USFL Woes to Recent DUI Arrest

Key Points:

  • Kevin Sumlin arrested on DUI charges in Hillsborough County, Florida
  • Previously coached the Houston Gamblers in the USFL with a 3-7 season record in 2022
  • Held various coaching positions in college football with fluctuating success

The American football landscape has its fair share of coaching talent, with names that echo through the hallways of both college football complexes and professional arenas. Kevin Sumlin is one such name, known for his ups and downs in both collegiate and professional football. This week, Sumlin made headlines for less-than-stellar reasons: a DUI arrest in Florida.

The Rise and Fall at Texas A&M

Kevin Sumlin initially gained national prominence when he led Texas A&M Aggies to a 10-win season in 2012, buoyed by Johnny Manziel’s Heisman-winning campaign. The Aggies even managed an unforgettable 29-24 upset over Alabama. However, Sumlin never sustained this initial success, winning no more than nine games in any season after 2012.

A Brief Stint in the USFL

After departing Texas A&M and a rather unsuccessful run at Arizona, Sumlin took the reins of the Houston Gamblers in the United States Football League (USFL) for the 2022 season. Though it was a chance for a fresh start, it didn’t turn out as planned. The team concluded the season with a disappointing 3-7 record.

An Abrupt Interruption at Maryland

This season, Sumlin returned to college football as Maryland’s co-offensive coordinator. Despite the Terrapins posting some decent offensive numbers, his career faced a roadblock. Sumlin was arrested in Hillsborough County, Florida, and charged with DUI. He refused a breathalyzer test, which will likely result in a one-year license suspension.

The Legal Proceedings

According to the Hillsborough County police report, Sumlin was pulled over around 1 a.m. near the Florida State Fairgrounds. He pleaded not guilty and waived arraignment. If prosecuted, he could face up to six months in prison.

The Community Response

The arrest also caught the attention of Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister, who pointed out that 35 DUI-related arrests occurred over the weekend. “Driving under the influence will not be tolerated in our county,” Chronister stated in a social media post.

Maryland’s Stance

Maryland Athletics responded with a brief statement, acknowledging awareness of the incident and stating that they would not comment further due to the ongoing investigation.

What’s Next for Sumlin?

With the legal proceedings still underway and his role at Maryland in question, the future looks uncertain for Sumlin. What is clear is that his journey, marked by fluctuating fortunes and now legal troubles, continues to capture public interest.

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