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Memphis Showboats Roll On: Select-a-Seat Event Amid USFL-XFL Merger Talks

Key Points:

  • Memphis Showboats announce Select-a-Seat event for the 2024 season at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium.
  • Season ticket holders from previous seasons and new prospects invited; options to upgrade, relocate, or add seats available.
  • Event unfolds against the backdrop of impending USFL-XFL merger, but for both leagues, it’s business as usual.

Folks, if you’re a fan of spring football, particularly of our Memphis Showboats, you’ve got some good news coming your way. Amid whispers and outright headlines about the USFL-XFL merger, the Showboats are steering their ship business-as-usual with their eyes set firmly on the 2024 season.

The franchise has announced its Select-a-Seat event, a golden opportunity for last season’s ticket holders and new prospective fans to secure their spot at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium. The event is set for Sunday, and the word from the Showboats is that it’s a must-attend affair.

“Current season ticket holders will have the option to upgrade, relocate seats or add more seats,” said Steve Macy, marketing director of the USFL’s Memphis Showboats. Macy added, “Our fans were very loyal last season, and our Select-a-Seat event will allow our current season ticket holders the opportunity to look at new seat locations and for potential season ticket holders to lock down their seats in advance of the 2024 campaign.”

And they’re not just offering you a seat. Fans will get the royal treatment with commemorative Showboats bobbleheads, and the chance to mingle with players, coaches, and cheerleaders. Oh, and let’s not forget the team’s mascot, Skipper, who’ll also be present. A Kids Zone and locker room tours will also be part of the event, giving it a carnival-like atmosphere.

Season tickets start at a pocket-friendly $60 for a six-game package, and given that the Showboats had a respectable 5-5 record last spring, it promises to be money well spent. “Showboats season ticket holders and deposit holders will receive an email with their priority entrance window while the public will be welcomed from 5-6 p.m,” according to the press release for Sunday’s event.

All of this hustle and bustle comes against the backdrop of merger talks between the USFL and XFL, announced earlier in September. While the fate of that merger remains a topic of hot debate, for the Memphis Showboats, and indeed the leagues themselves, it’s business as usual.

So whether you’re a returning fan or a new recruit, Sunday’s Select-a-Seat event at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium is where you’ll want to be. The Showboats are making it clear: the spring football wave is far from over, merger or no merger.

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