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Despite Fears Bryan Scott May Have Torn ACL, the Injury is Less Severe

It was a gut punch when Bryan Scott went down on the field, and tougher news still when he recused himself and is now out indefinitely. Scott has been grinding away for years to get this shot, and was flying high with the Philadelphia Stars before the injury. I’m sure he’ll be back on the field this time next year, either for the XFL or USFL, but you hate to see such a promising young prospect go down like that.

Unfortunately, some experts are concerned that he may have had an ACL tear.

“Based on initial video, ProFootballDoc, Dr. David Chao, believes that the 26-year-old gunslinger likely suffered a torn ACL. He will undergo surgery and miss the remainder of the season, but will be able to make a full return in 2023. Neither Scott nor the Stars have confirmed the nature or severity of the injury.”

Dr. Chao was team doctor with the Chargers for almost two decades, and made a career out of taking care of players. Though the film can sometimes be deceiving, his opinion is rooted in a long history of watching football from a medical perspective.

As he goes to the bench, you can tell he knows something is wrong, and its tough to see. Hopefully it is not this severe, and Scott can make a speedy recovery, but if it is indeed an ACL we wish him the absolute best of luck ahead of the inevitable comeback next year.

The Stars are moving forward with Case Cookus under center, and the 26 year old NAU product had a solid performance in relief of Scott last week. Though they fell to the Generals 24-16, Cookus went 13/20 passing for 146 yards and a TD. The Stars will be riding on his arm tonight as they take on the Panthers, as they have no other QB’s on the roster.


We have confirmed that Bryan Scott has not suffered an ACL tear, and is dealing with a much less significant ankle/knee injury. In a tweet to Stars teammates and fans, he expressed his desire to get back on the field this season.

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