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Unveiling of Memphis Showboats’ Mascot for the 2023 USFL Season

In just 10 days, the USFL will kick off its second season. The returning Memphis Showboats will play at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium. The season starts on April 15th, featuring a matchup between the Showboats and Philadelphia Stars at 4:30 pm ET on FOX.

The Memphis Showboats have just unveiled their eagerly awaited mascot for the 2023 USFL season. Previously known as the Tampa Bay Bandits, the team underwent a rebranding when FOX decided to revive the Memphis Showboats due to the city’s enthusiasm for hosting the league.

With the mascot now revealed, you can play a part in choosing its name. Visit Twitter, find the thread on the Showboats’ account, and leave your name suggestion today.

Reminder fans in Memphis can still purchase Showboats season tickets.

Season Tickets for 10 games (including six Showboats games) are available for purchase:

  • $120 Midfield Season Tickets
  • $90 Sideline Season Tickets
  • $30 Corner Season Tickets
  • $40 Midfield Individual Game Ticket
  • $25 Sideline Individual Game Ticket
  • $10 Corner Individual Game Ticket

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