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USFL Changes Rules To Speed Up The Game, Keep Under 3 Hours

USFL Head of Officiating Mike Pereira put out the following video to addresses changes to the clock to keep games under 3 hours.

“RULES UPDATE: In order to maximize fan enjoyment and keep games under 3 hours, during the 1st and 3rd quarters we’re moving to a running clock after an incomplete pass. Head of Officiating @MikePereira breaks down the latest rule change that will begin in Week 4″

“Hi, this is Mike Pereira, head of USFL Officiating. The USFL has been providing unprecedented access and exciting action so fans can enjoy a football experience like never before. We’re pleased with the total number of plays being running our game, but to maximize fan enjoyment, we’re also striving to keep the games under 3 hours.

So starting in week four, we’re moving to a running clock after an incomplete pass, but only in the first and third quarters. We believe that’s this change will achieve the desired game length while still providing the number of plays you’ve come to expect in a professional football game. The USFL staying United by football.

Without pre-season games, the league never had a chance to test any of its rules or clock management until the season kicked-off. The probably wont be the only rules change we see as the season moves on. The first game to test it out is Friday at 10 pm ET on FS1 when the Philadelphia Stars take on the Michigan Panthers.

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