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Michigan Panthers Confirm Return to Ford Field in 2024

Key Points:

  • The Michigan Panthers are officially back at Ford Field for the 2024 USFL season.
  • Rumors initially suggested the Panthers might not return, especially given the upcoming USFL-XFL merger.
  • Season ticket details and a special offer for existing ticket members will be announced on November 7th.

After weeks of speculation and uncertainty, the Michigan Panthers have quelled rumors by confirming their return to Ford Field for the 2024 United States Football League (USFL) season. The announcement comes as a breath of fresh air to fans who were concerned about the team’s future due to the looming merger between the USFL and the XFL.

Your Michigan Panthers are officially returning to Ford Field for 2024!

If you don’t have your season tickets yet, make sure you place your deposit today by clicking HERE to catch all the action next season. To our valued Season Ticket Members, we have a special offer exclusively for you, which will be revealed November 7th as we kickstart the 2024 season ticket member renewal launch. This will be your chance to secure your seats and explore opportunities for add-ons or upgrades. Stay tuned for more information!

The Initial Doubts

When the USFL first announced its season ticket information for 2024, Ford Field and, by extension, the Michigan Panthers were conspicuously absent. This glaring omission led to fan speculation that the team might be left out in the cold amidst the merger. Fortunately for Panthers fans, those rumors have been laid to rest.

The Venues for 2024

According to current listings, Ford Field becomes the fourth USFL venue selling season tickets for 2024. It joins the ranks of Canton, Ohio; Birmingham, Alabama; and Memphis, Tennessee. On the XFL side, six stadiums are selling season tickets—DC, St Louis, San Antonio, Seattle, Orlando, and Arlington. In total, ten venues between the USFL and XFL are locked in for the next season.

Special Offer for Ticket Members

In a notification sent out to Panther fans, the franchise revealed an exclusive offer for existing season ticket members, set to be announced on November 7th. The specifics remain under wraps, but the message promises opportunities for add-ons or upgrades for the 2024 season. Those who haven’t secured their season tickets yet are advised to place their deposits immediately to catch all the forthcoming action.

The Silence from USFL

Interestingly, the announcement about the Michigan Panthers’ return to Ford Field has yet to appear on the official USFL website. However, with the notification sent directly to fans, there’s little room for doubt about the team’s place in the league’s future.

As the landscape of Spring football continues to evolve, with the USFL and XFL edging closer to their merger, the confirmation of the Michigan Panthers’ return to Ford Field marks a crucial step in solidifying the league’s structure for the 2024 season. With fan-favorite venues like Ford Field back in the mix, excitement is already building for what promises to be another riveting year of USFL action.

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