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USFL Running Back Cut For Demanding Pizza Instead of Chicken Salad

The Pittsburgh Maulers have cut running back De’Veon Smith after an astounding clip from the “United By Football: A Season in the USFL” documentary went viral showing Smith requesting pizza instead of chicken salad at the team hotel. 

In the bizarre video, Pittsburgh Mauler’s coach Kirby Wilson sits down with the former running back to explain that his actions would not be tolerated and that he was cut from the team, before making a prompt exit. 

“He crossed the line, so we had to deal with it,” Wilson said in an interview in the documentary. “Any disrespect of football or members of staff, USFL, etc. will not be tolerated.” 

In the footage, Smith denies that he said anything disrespectful. He said that when the staff asked him if he had eaten the chicken salad sandwich, he told them no and asked if there was something else. Later, when a staff member came in with a pizza Smith simply asked for a slice. 

“Someone’s hurt feelings are a distant second to the greater good of the team. And we’ve moved on and turned that page, and I’m happy we did it,” Coach Kirby Wilson said. 

De’Veon Smith twitted from his personal account on the day the documentary was released one word, “WILD!”

After reactions about the clip started to spread on Monday Smith wrote.


Reaction through the sports word have not been kind to Coach Wilson and the USFL.

UPDATE from the Pittsburgh Maulers

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