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New Orleans Breakers

USFL Week 10: New Orleans Breakers (6-3) Odds, Injuries, Preview, Prediction

The New Orleans Breakers (6-3) are gearing up to face off against the Houston Gamblers (5-4) in a thrilling showdown set to take place in Memphis, Tennessee. Kickoff is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Sunday, and fans can catch all the action live on FS1 or through the FOX Sports App.

Game Preview:

  • Game: Breakers (6-3) vs. Gamblers (5-4)
  • Line: Breakers -3.5 (-110), Over/Under 44.5
  • Location: Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium, Memphis, TN
  • Day/Time: Sunday, June 18, 1:00 p.m. ET
  • Weather Forecast: Rainy,85 degrees, Humidity 77% Wind 5-10MPH
  • Breakers vs Gamblers Live stream:

Get ready for a thrilling rematch as the New Orleans Breakers and Houston Gamblers square off once again, bringing back memories of their high-scoring showdown in Week 2. Back then, the Breakers emerged victorious with a 38-31 win, lighting up the scoreboard. RB Wes Hills was an unstoppable force for New Orleans, amassing 110 rushing yards and three touchdowns on just 18 carries. Meanwhile, Houston’s QB Kenji Bahar put up impressive numbers with 266 passing yards, three touchdowns, and three interceptions.

Now, as these teams prepare to clash once more, Gamblers fans are holding their breath, hoping that Bahar’s turnovers don’t haunt them yet again. Last week, Bahar suffered an interception and a fumble, with the latter resulting in a touchdown for the opposing team. The Gamblers can ill afford such mistakes against a formidable Breakers squad.

The Breakers, fueled by their recent victory against the Showboats, are eager to capitalize on their momentum and rack up more turnovers. In their previous game, they demonstrated their defensive prowess by forcing a remarkable five takeaways. However, they’ll need to provide better protection for QB McLeod-Bethel Thompson, who endured four sacks. If the Breakers can keep their pocket clean and give Thompson the time he needs, he is poised to exploit the Gamblers’ secondary, especially in the absence of safeties Andrew Soroh and Manny Bunch.

On the other side of the field, the Gamblers must heavily rely on star RB Mark Thompson to carry the team’s offensive load. With Bahar’s recent struggles, throwing three interceptions in the past three games, Thompson’s ground game becomes even more crucial. While Thompson is expected to make an impact, it’s the Breakers who possess the edge at the quarterback position, with a formidable advantage that should secure them the coveted playoff spot.

Key Storylines for Breakers:

McLeod Bethel-Thompson has been a force to reckon with this season, leading the league in passing yards per game (245.1) and ranking fourth in passing touchdowns (12). With the Gamblers’ defense allowing the most passing yards per game (204.7), Bethel-Thompson has an excellent opportunity to bolster his impressive stats. In their previous matchup in Week 2, he threw for 251 yards, two touchdowns, and added eight rushing yards.

The Breakers boast a formidable running game led by workhorses Wes Hills. Hills has been impressive, averaging 83.4 rushing yards per game and accumulating 10 touchdowns. With his involvement in the passing game (4.1 receptions and 29.8 receiving yards per game), Hills is a versatile threat.

The Breakers possess a trio of high-ceiling pass-catchers in Sage Surratt, Johnnie Dixon, and Jonathan Adams. Despite some fluctuations, each player has shown the potential for massive performances. Surratt, Dixon, and Adams have received 60, 57, and 52 targets respectively throughout the season. Dixon’s target count is particularly impressive, considering he missed two games. Prior to a subpar showing last week, Dixon had standout performances with nine receptions for 135 yards and two touchdowns in Week 8 and six receptions for 97 yards in Week 7. Adams also had notable outings with six receptions for 88 yards in Week 7 and eight receptions for 117 yards in Week 8. Notably, Surratt had a remarkable game against the Gamblers in Week 2, catching all 11 targets for 121 yards.

Injury Report:

Active Roster Transfers:

  • LB Zakoby McClain
  • CB Nevelle Clarke
  • DE JaCorey Johns

Inactive Roster Transfers:

  • FS Sidney McCloud
  • DE Justin Cates
  • LB Shaheed Salmon

Game Status Report:

  • LB Shaheed Salmon: Out (Right Shoulder)
  • DB Jarey Elder: Probable (Left Shoulder)
  • OL Kirk Kelley: Probable (Right Knee)
  • LB Jordan Brailford: Probable (Low Back)
  • DB Nevelle Clarke: Probable (Left Knee)
  • DE Justus Reed: Out (Left Knee)

As the New Orleans Breakers prepare for their upcoming matchup, several players will be inactive for the game, meaning they will not be participating and won’t be available to contribute to the team’s efforts. The list of inactive players for the Breakers includes:

  • Aqeel Glass (QB)
  • Zakoby McClain (Inside Linebacker)
  • Nevelle Clarke (Defensive Back)
  • Jovon Durante (Wide Receiver)

Although these players won’t be on the field for this particular game, the Breakers will rely on the active members of their roster to step up and make significant contributions in order to secure victory against the Gamblers.

Breaking Even:

As the New Orleans Breakers prepare to face the Houston Gamblers, the betting odds offer an intriguing perspective on the game. The Breakers are favored by 3.5 points (-110) on the spread, while the Gamblers hold the underdog position at +3.5 (-110). In terms of the moneyline, the Breakers are listed at -170, while the Gamblers sit at +145. The total points set for the game is 44.5, with the over and under both listed at -110.

This matchup carries significant implications, essentially serving as a play-in game for the playoffs. The victor will almost certainly secure a spot in the postseason. A Breakers win would guarantee their playoff berth, while a Gamblers victory would position them well in tiebreaker scenarios.

In their previous encounter in Week 2, the Breakers outscored the Gamblers 38-31, thanks to a late interception thrown by Kenji Bahar, which led to a game-winning touchdown by Wes Hills. This history adds an extra layer of anticipation to the upcoming game.

Last week, the Breakers displayed a throwback performance reminiscent of their early-season play. Despite amassing only 170 total yards of offense, they capitalized on short fields created by forcing five turnovers. With a 2-for-3 success rate in the red zone, the Breakers converted their opportunities into touchdowns and finished the game with 31 points.

Considering the high stakes of this virtual playoff game, my trust lies firmly with the Breakers over the Gamblers. Bahar’s inconsistency and the absence of Wilson’s running threat make it challenging for the Gamblers to outscore the Breakers. In fact, I believe the Breakers have the potential to secure a convincing victory in this matchup.


Last week, the Houston Gamblers struggled in the red zone and failed to capitalize on their opportunities, resulting in a disappointing performance. As a result, they find themselves in a must-win situation, desperate to extend their season. It’s important to note that the Breakers handed the Gamblers a late seven-point loss earlier this year, despite the absence of RB Mark Thompson. QB Kenji Behar had a notable game, throwing for 266 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions.

Looking at our own team, the Breakers know they need to step up their offensive game after a lackluster performance last week. With only 170 yards gained and a meager 3.0 yards per play average, the Breakers are fully aware that they must improve to secure victory.

However, despite our recent offensive struggles, I believe the Breakers have what it takes to dominate this game. We have previously proven our ability to overcome the Gamblers, and with key adjustments, we can maintain our winning streak. The Gamblers may view this as an opportunity to bounce back, but we are determined to maintain our supremacy on the field.

Final Score : New Orleans Breakers 27 – Houston Gamblers 23

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