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Philadelphia Stars Edge New Jersey Generals 24-21, Stars Aguilar With 8 Field Goals

The Philadelphia Stars earned a hard-fought victory on their home turf this Sunday, edging out the New Jersey Generals 24-21 in a thrilling USFL contest. The win improves the Stars’ season record to 2-3, matching the Generals’ standing in the league.



The game was marked by tenacious defense and strategic offense, with both teams showing their mettle throughout the four quarters.

The Stars began the first quarter with a field goal, putting the first points on the board. The Generals, however, answered back in the second quarter with a touchdown and a field goal, taking a 10-9 lead into the halftime break.

In the third quarter, the Stars regained the lead with two field goals, while their defense held the Generals scoreless. The fourth quarter saw the Generals rally with a touchdown and a field goal, but the Stars answered with two field goals of their own, ensuring a 24-21 victory.

The Stars’ offense was led by quarterback Case Cookus, who completed 18 of 30 passes for 125 yards. On the ground, Matt Colburn II contributed 22 yards from 15 carries. Receiving leaders included Pro Wells, Jordan Suell, and Corey Coleman who collectively added 82 yards. Kicker Luis Aguilar had a stellar performance, contributing crucial points with eight successful field goals. Tying an all-time pro football record with NFL Titans K Rob Bironas.

On the Generals’ side, quarterback Kyle Lauletta completed 10 of 12 passes for 111 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. De’Andre Johnson added 62 yards and a touchdown on the ground, and Darius Victor rushed for 49 yards. Wide receivers Alonzo Moore and J’Mon Moore combined for 96 yards, providing key targets for the Generals’ quarterbacks.

Defensively, both teams performed admirably. Chris Orr of the Generals led with six tackles, while Paris Ford added five. For the Stars, Christian Tutt, Shalom Luani, and Trae Elston each had three tackles. The Stars’ defense also came up with key sacks from Hercules Mata’afa and Kolin Hill, adding pressure to the Generals’ quarterbacks.

Both the Stars and Generals now sit at 2-3 for the season, demonstrating the high level of competition in the USFL this year. As the season progresses, both teams will be seeking to build on their performances and climb the league standings.

USFL Box Score


# Player Position Pass. CMP Pass. ATT Pass. YDS Pass. TD Pass. INT Rush. ATT Rush. YDS Rush. TD Rec. Targets Rec. YDS Rec. Rec. TD
1De’Andre JohnsonQB712790076210000
11Kyle LaulettaQB1012111011110000
27Darius VictorRB000001249022520
3Trey WilliamsRB0000085200000
80Braedon BowmanTE0000000032410
17Wes Saxton Jr.TE0000000012510
88Woody BrandomTE0000000011610
13Alonzo MooreWR0000000085850
18Cam Echols-LuperWR000000001000
6J’Mon MooreWR0000000063850
14Marcus GreenWR000001000000
15Warren NewmanWR000000002420
 Total 17241900129164224190170


# Player Position Pass. CMP Pass. ATT Pass. YDS Pass. TD Pass. INT Rush. ATT Rush. YDS Rush. TD Rec. Targets Rec. YDS Rec. Rec. TD
10Case CookusQB18301250042100000
27Dexter WilliamsRB0000051802210
5Matt Colburn IIRB000001522031120
88Pro WellsTE0000000033030
1Corey ColemanWR0000000062030
7Devin GrayWR0000000061730
14Diondre OvertonWR000000004710
2Jordan SuellWR0000000043240
84Samuel AkemWR000000002610
 Total 1830125002461030125180

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ken Granito

    May 15, 2023 at 3:44 pm

    I am a Generals fan. First and foremost. I love their defense. I love that they have 3 quarterbacks that are each talented, but are trying to find their way a little later than they would have thought in life, yet all seem to root the other guy on. I love the fact that they have lost a couple of All-USFL performers to their offensive line and yet they still do the job, maybe even better than last year. I love having Mike Riley on offense and Ted Cottrell on defense. However, last week I commented on an article asking Case Cookus to just make plays, take what is there and leave your own personal glory out of it. I doubt he read my comments, but he played like someone else had those same suggestions. You are given nothing. You do your best and sometimes it’s enough to earn the win. Team play and Luis Aguilar’s heroics earned the Stars the victory. When they put him on their shoulders you felt how important it was to win. Just win. There were no stats or film footage. Kevin Thomson did even hit the field, but you seem him in the picture so happy to enjoy the win. The Generals are the better team, but Stars made enough plays. I felt that second fumble Darius Victor was more upset for himself personally than him letting the team down. He has to remember that he is a great back, but it’s the team that opens holes. There has been a lot of feast and famine on this team. Either big play or no drive. Either way we are losing time of possession battle and it is hampering the great team aspect we had last year, where everyone contributed mightily. It’s big game next week, let’s play for the team next week and win for the team. That is football. The Stars did that this week and came away victorious and. Generals fan was happy for them.

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