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Pittsburgh Maulers Add to Their Roster During the USFL Offseason

The Pittsburgh Maulers have been pretty quiet since the last game of the season when it has come to roster transactions. But just as of August 31st, they have officially announced the signing of a new Quarterback, Wide Receiver, and Kicker, who all will attempt to get a chance at making a difference for the Maulers in season two.

Quarterback: Chase Fourcade – Nicholls State

Chase Fourcade, a 6 ft, 200-pound Quarterback from Nicholls State, played in 50 games, completing 804 passes out of 1350 attempts, throwing for a total of 10,707 yards for 70 touchdowns in the four years he played at Nicholls State between 2016 to 2019. He would throw 47 Interceptions over the years and rush for 1,897 yards for 35 Touchdowns. Chase is a dual-threat quarterback who could fit right in with the Maulers based on the Quarterbacks they had in 2022 with Rivers III and Lee.

On April 14th, 2022, the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL (Canadian Football League) signed Chase right before the 2022 season but would not play for them. At this very moment, we don’t know the plan for the Pittsburgh Maulers in 2023 and if Roland Rivers or Vad Lee will be returning, which all depends on what kind of contract they signed when they joined the Maulers. I fully expect Chase to try to make the most out of this opportunity, show the USFL all his outstanding accomplishments in college, and extend that into the Maulers system next season.

Wide Receiver: Josh Simmons – Prairie View A&M

 Josh Simmons played with Prairie View A&M between 2016 and 2017, where he would play in 19 games and have 11 rushing attempts for 49 yards; he would also have 52 receptions for 696 yards and 4 touchdowns as a wide receiver. He also did kick returns for Prairie View with 21 attempts for 536 yards and 1 touch down, with his longest going for 93 yards. Josh, also like Chase, was signed to the CFL in 2019 when he would sign with the B.C. Lions. Unfortunately for Josh, he would not play in any games with the CFL and would be signed into the USFL on August 31st.

Kicker: Nathan Hierlihy – Redlands

Nathan would play with the University of Redlands between 2016 to 2019, where he would play in 23 games, kicking 28 field goals out of 41 attempts. With a percentage of 68% total over the three seasons. His longest field goal was 55 yards during the 2017-18 season, with going 97% accurate in making his extra points, going 86 out of 89. He would be responsible for the Bulldogs over the three years for a total of 170 points. Nathan would sign with the Spring League in 2021 and play for the Alphas so that Nathan will be a great addition to the Pittsburgh Maulers heading into season two. I also believe that after the 2022 season, we could certainly use a lot of assistance at the kicking position, which Nathan offers quite a leg. Can Nathan bring an advantage into the league in 2023 for the Pittsburgh Maulers?

Are you looking forward to the kickoff of the USFL in 2023?  Stay tuned to for all developing stories that will come your way.

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