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Pittsburgh Maulers

Pittsburgh Maulers Reveal New Uniforms for 2023 Season

On Wednesday night, the Pittsburgh Maulers gave the fans one last jolt of excitement ahead of the kickoff of the 2023 USFL season. Earlier this year, they changed their color scheme from orange and purple to Steel City’s signature black and gold. Obviously, they can’t keep their old uniforms with this new scheme. So they’ve announced that they will be coming up with new uniforms ahead of their second season.

This morning they revealed the new uniforms to the masses via Twitter:

The new uniforms feature a solid mixture of black and gold, but not totally ripping the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL. With a gold outline on the numbers, as well as the shoulder pads and nameplate flashing bright colors, with the body of the uniform being solid black. Their away uniforms put black on the shoulder pads and nameplate, with a white body keeping the yellow outline on the black numbers. The logo is featured on the side of both shoulders. A great new sight for this team.

The Maulers will debut their new fresh look next month when they kick off their second campaign against the New Orleans Breakers on April 16th in Birmingham, Alabama at Protective Stadium! Pittsburgh is coming off of a 1-9 campaign in their inaugural campaign and looks to rebound with a new head coach and fresh new faces on the gridiron. With this uniform change, it truly is a “new year, new me” for this Maulers squad.

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