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USFL 2023: Week 7 New Jersey Generals Preview/Depth Chart/Prediction

The time for pushing the panic button on the New Jersey Generals 2023 USFL season is now. Mike Riley’s troops are 2-4 after losing three consecutive games. They desperately need to get a win in Week 7 by beating the equally slumping 2-4 Michigan Panthers.



USFL Week 7 New Jersey Generals Overview

On the glass-half-full side, in a battle for two playoff spots in a parity-dominant North, the Generals, despite being in a three-way tie, two games below .500, are technically in second place, only a game out of first because they are sporting a 2-1 divisional record with head-to-head victories over Pittsburgh and Michigan.

5/28Michigan Panthers1:00 PMTom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, OH
6/4Memphis Showboats1:00 pmTom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, OH
6/11Philadelphia Stars7:00 pmTom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, OH
6/17Pittsburgh Maulers7:00 pmTom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, OH

Three of the Generals’ last four regular season games are within the North Division. New Jersey will be home in Canton, Ohio, for that entire stretch. The goal is to stay at Tom Benson Hall Of Fame Stadium for the playoffs. One way or another, the Generals’ season ends in Ohio. It’s just a matter of when.

The glass-half-empty side, however, shows a fading 2023 Generals team that is vastly inferior to their 9-1 predecessor a year ago.

New Jersey’s offense, particularly their passing game, has taken a backseat to last year’s low-volume but highly efficient big-play attack. The Generals have struggled to get consistent quarterback play. And ultimately, to find someone who can emerge to fill the shoes of dynamic playmakers like KaVontae Turpin and Darrius Shepherd.

The run game is predictably leading the way again for NJ in 2023, averaging 151 yards per game. But the lack of balance and positive results in their pass game has seen the team take a step backward this season.

The Generals have only five passing touchdowns after six weeks of play, and they are second to last in the league in pass yards.

The sometimes-dynamic DeAndre Johnson needs to stay healthy and play much more efficiently when he is back in the lineup. But for the second week in a row, Kyle Lauletta is getting the start. He played the entirety of last week’s game against Houston and is getting another opportunity to lead the way.

The Generals are hoping that Lauletta can give them the veteran stability that Luis Perez gave them a year ago.

The big plays are also missing from the Generals’ special teams. New Jersey won so many close games a year ago because their return unit was a determining factor in tight contests. In 2023, the Generals are 0-3 in one-score games.

The Generals’ defense has improved from a year ago under grizzled veteran coordinator Ted Cottrell. They were good in 2022 but only registered ten sacks in the regular season. In 2023, New Jersey is tied for most sacks in the league with 16 after six games.

However, the Generals will not be marching into the postseason unless New Jersey’s offense and special teams can raise their play in the final four games.

USFL 2023 Week 7: Michigan Panthers (2-4) vs. New Jersey Generals (2-4), Sunday, May 28, 5:30 pm ET, Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, Ohio, FS1

Point spread: Generals -6.5 
Moneyline: Generals -278 favorites to winPanthers +210 underdogs to win 
Total scoring over/under: 40.5 points scored by both teams combined

New Jersey Generals vs. Michigan Panthers Week 7 Depth Charts/Injury Updates

Generals Game Status Report: S Shalom Luani: Doubtful (R Knee) WR J’Mon Moore: Questionable (R Toe, R Achilles) DT Kalani Vakameilalo: Questionable (R Ankle) DE Tyshun Render: Questionable (R Big Toe) LB Chris Orr: Questionable (R Bicep) OL Isaiah Battle: Questionable (R Calf) WR Darrell Stewart: Full Go (L Foot) LB Mike Bell: Full Go (L Shoulder) DT Kenny Randall: Full Go (L Thumb) WR Warren Newman: Probable (R Toe, R Hamstring) OL Brandon Haskin: Full Go (R Elbow) OL Saige Young: Full Go (Back) DL Tyrone Truesdell: Full Go (L Finger)

The Generals will be without Safety Shalom Luani and LB Chris Orr this weekend. Two key losses for New Jersey.

Panthers Game Status Report: OL Brodarious Hamm: Doubtful (L Knee) RB Reggie Corbin: Full Go (R Flank) LB Frank Ginda: Full Go (R Shoulder) LB Noah Dawkins: Full Go (L Shoulder) DL Walter Palmore: Full Go (R Ankle) OL Josh Dunlop: Full Go (R Knee) WR Marcus Simms: Full Go (L Hamstring)

The key player missing from Michigan’s lineup is OT Brodarius Hamm, who is Pro Football Focus’s top-graded offensive tackle in the USFL.

Week 7 New Jersey Generals-Michigan Panthers Game Prediction

Like the Panthers, the New Jersey Generals have technically yet to win a home game. Michigan is undefeated away from Ford Field. Both teams are riding long-losing streaks. Something has to give in Week 7.

Sunday’s matchup between the Generals and Panthers profiles as a low scoring one. Mike Nolan’s Michigan squad, like Mike Riley’s, has struggled to score or move the ball consistently, and both teams have leaned on their defenses to keep them in games.

The last time New Jersey and Michigan met was in Week 3; the Generals unlocked rare big plays in their pass game, winning 28-13 and spoiling the Panthers’ home debut.

Although all signs point to the Generals getting back on track, something tells me that Michigan is overdue for a victory and that they are going to exact revenge from four weeks ago. Home hasn’t been where the heart is for either team.

I am going with the outright upset.

Michigan Panthers 19 New Jersey Generals 16

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  1. 4th&long

    May 26, 2023 at 10:27 pm

    Ouch Mike going against the Generals!

    I think the platooning of QBs using Lauletta should have been the case from week 1. DJ/Kyle is more like what NJ did in 2022. Prokrup is too much like DJ.

  2. 4th&long

    May 26, 2023 at 10:33 pm

    Ouch not picking the Generals!

    I think NJ should have gone Kyle and DJ starting week 1 as they look to be more like last yr. Pocket passer and mobile QB. Lets see what NJ does this week with DJ though Kyle looks to get the start.

  3. Ken Granito

    May 27, 2023 at 7:48 am

    Much to the Newsroom crew’s dismay, Mike Riley will have his own mind and try with Lauletta again. And yes, though I follow the Hub more, I do listen to Newsroom guys too. I could understand pointing out a strategy to help a team win, but win or lose I will say that Mike Riley is the coach of the Generals and should be. I am going to again say how the Generals were either big play or 3 and out, under Johnson. Either way hurts the time of possession battle which the Generals destroyed with last year. With less than 20 defenders you do not want to be on the field for 60 plays. I think he hoped De’andre Johnson would be the answer. He looked good quite a for a bit and does he put defenses on the rack for sure, but he did not consistently move the ball. I think the tight race has given him an opportunity to change QBs given that Kyle Lauletta’s moving the team two weeks ago was what he wanted to see from De’Andre Johnson. This isn’t the XFL. They aren’t going to gift us Alex McGough for a guy we cut 3 weeks ago. I hope this play works out for the Generals and Lauletta. As last week showed he is not a rock as Luis Perez and De’Andre Johnson is. They will always do their best. Lauletta is kind of like me, a person who can get in his own head and can’t make a throw from 3rd base. Kyle, you have the game. Yes, you need to get on rhythm with your team earlier this week and the Panthers are going to try yo take you out of your rhythm, but you got this. Last week there was a pass you had if you used a little touch and you threw a line and you missed it. You had a similar circumstance later in the game put a little arc on it and completed it to help get back in the game. Believe in your team, believe in yourself and you will do fine. You have likely thrown 100 passes. Do your best and you will be fine and put your team first. Furthermore, last season, the same guy (who is a real good guy by the way. I even met him in person.). He did the same thing last year. He said De’andre Johnson should be the quarterback and didn’t understand why Riley chose one QB, it wasn’t the QB he chose for the Generals. The Geenerals were 9-1 last year and not only did Perez lead the league in Passing, over far bigger names, but he also won the XFL championship game this year. Please just let Mike coach. He does an awfully good job at it.

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